Yellow, pink, and purple primroses in pots

The recent light snowfall may have you looking out your window and wondering if spring will ever arrive. The growers out at our Farm in Hubbard know it will be here soon, and they are working hard to ensure our stores will be full of spring blooms. Our greenhouses are full of beautiful color and the fresh smell of spring that only 65,000 Grown By Al's primroses can deliver.

Right now our greenhouses are particularly busy with the first crops of the year, spread out and spaced to ensure healthy and even growth. While not much else can provide floral color this time of year, primroses deliver! They are perfectly at home nestled among ferns and heuchera, and look great in one of our Mixed Planters alongside 'Sky Pencil' Holly, Carex 'Evergold', or 'Blue Carpet' Juniper. Primroses are deer resistant, attract hummingbirds, butterflies & bees, and are perfect for smaller spaces, containers, and along borders.

If you are just itching to get your hands in the soil after a long winter, you are in luck! The first wave of spring primroses have already made it into our stores, so stop by and add some early spring color to your garden today!