Aragon Collection

When it comes to planning your outdoor oasis it's important to start early.  If you really want to enjoy your backyard this summer it's time to consider your needs and wants.

1.  How will I really use my garden?

What do you really want to do in your garden?  Do you just want to sit and enjoy a good book?  Do you want to entertain and eat alfresco?  Do you want to show off your BBQ skills?

2.  What style or mood do you wish to convey?

Are you formal and structured, and prefer a more traditional styles?  Are you informal and love a more organic space? Are you whimsical and love to add pleasant surprises throughout your yard?  Are you a minimalist and prefer a very clean , more modern aesthetic?

Grand Terrace CollectionThe traditional look fo the Grand Terrace Collection.


Traditional style is the epitome of comfort, harmony and order, where everything matches and nothing is jarring to the senses.  It welcomes with warmth and familiarity.

Palisades CollectionThe transitional style of the Palisades Collection


Midway between old world traditional and the world of chrome and glass contemporary; incorporating lines that are less ornate than traditional designs, but not as severely basic as contemporary lines.  As a result, transitional furniture designs are classic, timeliness and clean.


Modern style is based upon new and innovative technologies of construction, particularly the use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete; the idea that form should follow function; an embrace of minimalism; and a rejection of ornament.  It emerged in the first half of the 20th century and became dominant after World War II until the 1980's, when it was gradually replaced as the principal style for institutions and corporate buildings.

Lucia CollectionThe Contemporary style of the Lucia Collection


Contemporary style encompasses a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century.  Pieces feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design.  Interiors contain neutral elements and bold color, and they focus on the basics of line, shape and form. 

What's the difference between Modern and Contemporary?

Modern design refers to the specific time period between the early to mid-twentieth century.  Contemporary design doesn't refer to a specific period or time, int's constantly changing to reflect the popular styles of the present day design.

3.  What colors do I love?

You can create the above styles in any color, so it's important to know what color your eye is drawn to.  Do you find flues friendly and soothing?  Do you like bright sunny colors like yellow and orange?  Or do monochromatic tones such as greys, black and browns set the stage for your life?

With the answers to these simple questions, we're sure that your research and shopping experience will be much more efficient and pleasurable.  When you're ready, stop by an Al's Garden & Home today to see our 2019 Patio Furniture Collections and explore what's possible.

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