Scented Geraniums in bloom

Fragrant plants help add another element to the garden experience beyond being just visually appealing, often evoking strong memories associated with each smell, and encouraging people to interact with and touch the plants. While most of us think of things like roses, honeysuckle, and jasmine as fragrant, with their heavily scented blooms, there are also many plants out there that have highly fragrant foliage instead of flowers. One such plant, an old-fashioned favorite that’s making a comeback, is the scented geranium.

Citrus scented 'Orange Fizz' Geranium

While most scented geraniums have small clusters of small, single flowers in pink, purple, or white, their real claim to fame is their highly aromatic foliage, ranging from orange to lemon to mint to rose to the most popular of all – Citronella. The foliage can be used in sachets, potpourris, and essential oils, or dried in sugar for one week to make scented sugars which can then be used in baking or teas. Stems can be cut and added to bouquets of fresh flowers for an extra aromatic element.

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Scented Geraniums grow best in full sun to part shade, and have low water needs once established. They’re perfect for containers as well as in garden beds, and while technically an annual, they may come back in the spring if the winter is mild. Plants can also be brought indoors as winter houseplants.