a bright hanging basket full of blooms

We think our Grown by Al's Hanging Baskets are pretty special. Maybe it's because we grow them at The Farm in Hubbard, taking care with each step of the process. Maybe it's the thoughtful flower combinations, which we have tweaked and perfected over the years. Perhaps it's just the look on your mom's face when you arrive with a basket just for her. Regardless, there are a few things to know about our Hanging Baskets, so you can choose just the right one and ensure its success!

Baskets for the SUN

Allow at least 1/2 day of sun. These baskets prefer sun in the hottest part of the day.

10" & 12" Sun Loving

12 Sun Loving Geranium

UFO Sun Loving

Baskets for the SHADE

Allow for at least 1/2 day of shade. These baskets prefer shade in the hottest part of the day.

10" Shade Loving

10" & 12" Shade Loving Begonia

12" Shade Loving Fuchsia

UFO Shade Loving


Why's it called a UFO basket, you ask? 

This hanging basket has holes in the side to allow the flowers to grow through them -- the industry affectionately referred to them as UFO's -- and the term stuck!

Baskets for ANYWHERE

We even have 10" Baskets that do well in both the Sun and Shady areas.


Basic Basket Care Tips

When choosing a basket it's important to know the sun conditions of the spot you're going to hang it in.  It's also important not to underestimate the weight of a well watered Hanging Basket, and to invest in some good iron hooks.  To keep your basket performing all summer long, we recommend:

1.  Water thoroughly when top 2" of soil are dry to the touch.  Water until water runs through the drain holes in the bottom of the pot.  

2.  Fertilize with Al's Water Soluble 17-5-17 fertilizer once a week.

3.  Use Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew for pest control -- Yep, we're not kidding that's really the name!

4.  Remove spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming.

5. For more information, check out our Growing Guide: Hanging Basket Care Tips