A young child enjoys a popsicle on a hot summer day

I don't know about you, but it sure seems that August got here awfully quick this summer, and I want to savor every last minute. A great way to savor the summer is by refreshing those containers that you planted way back in April or May that might be looking a little tired.

Perhaps you lost a few plants during the recent heat - not to worry, it happens. Vacation watering solutions, be it a fancy plant nanny or the neighbor next door, don't always get the job done. You can simply cut out the old and refresh with a few new transitional plants that will help you enjoy these last days of summer.

We recommend the following plants from our Container Collection - now at all Al's locations:

Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia

'Ascot Rainbow' Euphorbia

  • Blue-green foliate with wide cream edges
  • In cooler temperates the foliage has pink-red tones.
  • Evergreen foliage, offering great fall and winter interest
  • Perfers sun. 20 inches in height. Hardy to 0° F
Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass

'Red Baron' Japanese Blood Grass

  • Wonderful green foliage with bright red tips
  • Especially nice in fall, offering color
  • Tolerates moist soil
  • Prefers sun. Height 6-12 inches. Hardy to 20° F
Plumbago blue flowers


  • Intense blue flowers in late summer
  • Foliage turns bright burgundy and orange in fall
  • Naturalizes well, not too aggressive
  • Prefers sun. Height 6-12 inches. Hardy to 20° F
Design-A-Line Burgundy Cordyline

'Design-A-Line Burgundy' Cordyline

  • Rich, burgundy color all year
  • Long arching, glossy foliage
  • Evergreen foliage perfect for containers or landscape
  • Sun or PM shade. Height 3 feet. Hardy to 10° F
Big Leaf Muehlenbeckia

'Big Leaf' Muehlenbeckia

  • Large foliage on trailing evergreen vines.
  • Beautiful textures perfect for containers
  • Can be used indoors as well
  • Sun or PM shade. Trailing habit. Hardy to 10° F
A container with Ostop Serenity Red blooms

There are so many more Container Collection plants that are perfect for container design including:

  • Osteo 'Serenity Red'
  • Bidens 'Bee Alive'
  • Alternathera 'Red Thread'
  • Chrysocephalum 'Desert Flame'

So pop in a few fresh Container Collection additions to your pots, and squeeze more out of summer!