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Studies show that Americans are embracing plant parenting more by the day. The home garden industry increased by a staggering $10 billion in 2018.

People are realizing that you don’t need a green thumb to engage in home gardening. Local garden centers are more than willing to provide you with the guidance needed. All you need is to take one small step and you will be on to some great benefits. So, what are the benefits of plant parenting?

1. Stress Reduction

With so much going on in the world, from tight work schedules to student loan debts, a break from all the depressing events and issues is a great relief. Caring for plants takes your mind off things and keeps your stress levels low.

Horticultural therapy, which involves gardening and carrying out plant-based activities to achieve specific therapeutic goals works. And you can achieve the same mental wellness through cultivating a home garden. Be sure to take plant parenting as a hobby, and not an obsession.

2. It Provides a Bigger Purpose

Most people who own plants will refer to them as their babies. For adults who have delayed marriage and starting a family as they build their career, having a plant or plants fulfills their need to nurture and provide care for something. A plant provides this satisfaction.

The same applies to anyone suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome. The responsibility of taking care of plant life provides fulfillment. By focusing on helping another living thing survive, the mind is taken off the sadness and loneliness. Visit local garden centers and adopt a plant; the emptiness will vanish in no time.

3. Connecting with Nature

The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans have an innate love for life. They are naturally drawn toward seeking connections with nature. But with everything in the world revolving around the internet, it’s easy to lose touch with nature. And with most workplaces located in the city, accessing nature parks is close to impossible.

The best thing is that local garden centers have a solution to the problem. You can purchase plants, create a garden in your backyard or in your home, and reclaim your connection with nature. Few things can beat the feeling of keeping your plants alive and watching them blossom.

4. Clean Air

We are living in a world where industrial plants will release gaseous wastes with no remorse whatsoever. Air pollution from cars leaves the atmosphere filthy. What’s worse is that 88% of Americans own cars. Toxins from items in the house such as cleaning products and nail polish, among others, further plague the indoor space.

Anyone with basic knowledge of science understands that plants give out oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide. With a garden in your yard or healthy indoor plants, picture how clean the surrounding air would be. It would make the air more breathable and reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma caused by toxins and pollutants.

How to Get Started

With so many benefits from having plants in your home, how do you start building that therapeutic home garden?

First, you need to locate the source of your plants. Find reliable local garden centers. A garden store Portland residents trust will provide a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. A simple search on the internet for the 'best plant nursery Portland' should get you a reliable vendor.

You will need planters for your “babies”. Beautiful and unique planters with a variety of shapes are available in online shops as well. While at it, get the tools you need such as a pruner, spade, and watering can.

Finally, be sure to attend events on plants such as the National Indoor Plant Week to expand your knowledge on proper plant parenting.

There is so much you can achieve by being a plant parent. It is good for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Ensure that you work with the best local garden centers to get a healthy variety of plants that you can keep indoors or plant in your backyard garden.