A quick glance out the window is enough to tell you that the fall season is upon us. That means cooler temperatures and the return of rain. But don't go retiring your garden tools just yet! Many people don't know that fall is an excellent time for planting. While spring may be known for new growth and rejuvenation, there are many advantages to adding new shrubs and perennials to your landscape right now.

Growing Guide: Advantages of Autumn Planting

Once placed in the ground, plants start to grow their root systems and get accustomed to their new home. The dry and hot summer weather may take a toll on young plants planted too late in the spring, but the conditions in the first half of autumn are especially good for new roots. The ground is still warm from the summer temperatures, and there is plenty of moisture allowing the root systems to quickly develop strength to survive the upcoming winter.

You won't want to wait too long, though. Generally speaking, you'll want to get those plants in the ground 6 weeks before the ground freezes. That can vary from place to place, of course, but anytime before Mid-November is a pretty good rule of thumb. This rule applies to transplanting as well as new shrubs. The fall soil conditions are also receptive to fertilizers. Al's All Natural And Organic Transplanting Fertilizer can be like life insurance for these young root systems.

Hardy shrubs, perennials, and many vegetables like broccoli and spinach are ideal for planting this time of year. Spring-blooming bulbs will thrive when planted now, and it is also an ideal time for reseeding and fertilizing lawns.

You may have to wait for springtime to experience the showy blooms and new growth of the plants, but it will be worth it. Fall-planted shrubs and perennials will spend that energy on developing a strong root system, instead of new growth that may be vulnerable to harsher winter conditions. But this attention to the roots will ensure that they will come roaring back in spring!

There are some more intangible benefits for the gardener as well. Fall has more good planting days, even if you have to seize upon a dry opportunity between wetter weather. Many gardeners prefer the cooler weather when digging in the dirt, and many weeds do not!

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