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Gardening is a great way to add character to your house, whether the plants are in your backyard or within your home. You can create a beautiful English garden or a tropical landscape no matter where you are just by taking a visit to one of the many garden centers in your area. The gardening market is constantly growing, so much so that it was worth $272 billion in 2017.

Due to the growth of the market, there are always new ways to incorporate plants in your life. For those of us who are located in rainy climates, it's fun to bring a touch of the tropics into our lives. Why not visit your local garden centers and purchase some tropical plants? Here are a few plants that you can plant indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

Indoor Tropical Plants


Anthuriums are gorgeous houseplants that can bloom almost all year long with the right amount of water, fertilizer, and sunlight. Their blooms can be red, pink, or white and they have green leaves that are heart-shaped. An added bonus is that anthuriums are air purifiers, so not only can they add a splash of color to your centerpiece, but they can also rid your home of harmful bacteria in the air.


Bromeliad is fairly easy to grow indoors, making it a staple in most garden centers. If having a green thumb isn't in the cards, this plant is perfect for you. This plant comes in multiple colors like green, red, orange, purple, and yellow. They also have many different textures such as stripes, spots, bands, or other combinations. Bromeliads are diverse, making it a great choice for your home, especially if you like plenty of colors.


Cordylines are colorful plants that can be found in Hawaii. They can be grown outdoors but they make great houseplants. Their spear-shaped leaves are green, yellow, red, white, purple, and purplish-red. Save the expense of going to Hawaii and take a trip to one of the garden centers near you to pick up some cordylines.


Palm trees are usually synonymous with the beaches of California but they can also be a great addition to your home. There are certain palm varieties that grow well indoors. Parlor palms, sentry palms, lady palms, and Chinese palms are all great choices for indoor gardening. Just make sure to keep the palm in a humid area with bright, indirect sunlight.

Outdoor Tropical Plants

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a unique plant; its split leaves give the plant the appearance of a bird. Their flowers are orange and appear crane-like, making it an interesting addition to any landscape. If you live in a temperate area, the best place to grow Bird of Paradise is a pot.


Cannas are extremely easy tropical plants to take care of. They can be grown in a pot or in the ground. The key to keeping them alive in the winter is to put a lot of mulch around the base. Their blooms and foliage come in multiple different colors with their blooms being red, yellow, orange, or pink and their foliage being green or bronze.

Hardy Banana (Musa basjoo)

Hardy Bananas are perfect for cold regions because they can withstand temperatures below zero as long as it's mulched the correct way. They have lush, green leaves that are perfect for any backyard tropical oasis. You can grow hardy bananas in the ground or in a container.

Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus is a great plant to choose for your tropical garden because it adds a touch of color to your green landscape. Hibiscuses come in red, white, pink, and some come in a mix of the three. If you want to attract butterflies or hummingbirds to your backyard, this is the perfect flower to plant.

Bringing the tropics into your less-than-tropical region can be intimidating. But with the right plants and information, it can be a gorgeous addition to your home! When you want to learn more about growing tropical plants, rely on Al's Garden Center today.