Nothing complements a home like a lush outdoor garden. This is no secret — in 2017, over a third of all Americans engaged in some form of gardening. For a space to feel truly comfortable, it needs those natural forms to which we all gravitate. This is why it is so hard to see those plants wither away during the long, harsh winters.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Many outdoors plants, particularly perennials, will thrive in the interior environment. While this process is not always perfectly smooth, by slowly changing your plant’s conditions you can make the move indoors. Ease your plant into the transition by at first keeping it in direct sunlight near an open window.

  1. Coleus
    While some coleus plants need full sun, some varieties which are seed-grown can thrive even in relatively low indirect light. As long as the temperature of your home doesn’t dip below 55 degrees while you’re away, these plants will be perfectly happy through all season when kept indoors.
  2. Geraniums
    Whether growing zonal, regal, ivy, or scented geraniums, these plants make for excellent plants outdoors or inside. When kept outdoors, these plants are simple annuals. But if you overwinter your geraniums indoors, or keep them inside year-round, they bloom again in winter. Visit plant nurseries in your area to fill your home with every variety.
  3. Peppers
    While larger, milder peppers such as bell peppers would not be easy to grow inside, small hot peppers are another story. These spicy perennials thrive warm conditions and slightly dry soil. If you want these plants to actual produce flowers and food, however, you must place them in direct sunlight.

If you lack a front or backyard, or your outdoor green spaces are already at capacity, check your local plant nurseries for some of these varieties to bring inside. You would be amazed at how well some of your favorite garden plants thrive indoors, whether you are overwintering them or keeping them in your home year-round. Visit Al’s Garden Center and we’ll help you pick the perfect plant for your home.