garden stores near me

If you've been searching the web for "garden store near me" and thinking about upgrading your yard or garden, you've come to the right place. Many people find great satisfaction in gardening as a hobby -- in fact, the entire home and garden market was worth over $270 billion in 2017.

But before you visit your local plant nurseries or home garden center, there are some things you should know. Read on to discover three things you should learn before starting your backyard garden project.

Is your yard prone to pests?

Few things are more discouraging than walking outside to find that your new plants have been eaten by local wildlife. Before you invest in new plants, find out what kinds of garden pests live in your area. That way, you can choose plants that those critters don't like to eat. If you regularly see deer or rabbits in your neighborhood, you'll know to avoid planting anything they enjoy eating.

What's your soil type?

Before you purchase any plants, you should take the time to do a quick soil test. It isn't as difficult as it might sound -- in fact, the whole thing can be done in about 15 minutes. Better yet, you can usually purchase a soil testing kit for under $20.

A soil test will tell you if the dirt is more acidic or alkaline. You will also find out what your soil's phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen levels are. Knowing the makeup of your soil will enable you to choose plants that thrive in your soil type. It's a smart way to give your landscaping and gardening projects the best chance of success.

How much extra space do you have?

It's easy to go overboard when you're shopping for home decor, and shopping for plants isn't much different. You could assume you have plenty of room for everything you find at the store only to discover that it barely fits in your yard once you get it home. Even more disheartening is learning that your plants are too large once they reach their full size.

Before googling "garden store near me" or purchasing plants, it's important that you know how much space you have in your yard or flower beds. You should also be careful to calculate the size of the plants you choose once they mature. A little shrub may grow a lot more than you expect.

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