Hands holding fresh picked apples

If you long for the sweet taste and delightful crunch that can only come from an apple picked fresh from the tree, but don’t think you have the space, time, or equipment for a home orchard, you are in luck. Apple trees that fit your home and lifestyle are now within reach – literally!

Al’s is excited to announce new Reachables® compact apple trees. We carry several varieties of these compact apple trees, from Tangy Green™ to the popular Honeycrisp™, and their unique characteristics make them a great choice for the patio.

These dwarf varieties have been genetically bred to stay on the shorter side, making them easy to care for and prune. They can even be grown in a container, making them the perfect apple tree for small gardens and home orchards.

While the tree may be smaller, the fruit has the same delicious characteristics of their full-sized counterparts. Except, of course, that Reachables® allow you to harvest them without a ladder, and since they reach fruiting maturity sooner, you’ll be enjoying them sooner! Now that’s a smaller tree with some big advantages!