A garden is one of the perfect places where you can express yourself. Your garden should embody your creativity, given that it is a living masterpiece that grows and changes as we do.

However, in the last few years, it’s no doubt outdoor gardens have changed. They have transformed into multipurpose spaces where we exercise, cook, host, and grow plants and flowers as well.

And this year, gardens will be even more flexible, providing elegant outdoor living spaces to relax as well as a place to grow food. A garden should be a haven that offers you peace of mind and helps you rejuvenate from the day's activities. Below are some of the latest indoor and outdoor gardening trends.

Adding a Water feature

Adding an attractive, simple, and low-maintenance water element such as a pond, fountain, or bird bath is a trendy landscaping idea. It not only makes your garden seem more inviting, larger, and gorgeous but also adds a unique sound that you cannot get from an average yard. The sound and motion provide more fascination as the running water cools the environment.


Indoor gardening is gaining popularity more than ever across the globe. Research shows that at least 30% of all households have at least one houseplant. When you embellish your interior spaces with indoor plants, you don’t just add greenery. These plants interact with your mind and body in different ways that can improve the quality of your life.

House plants are well-known for unlimited benefits such as mood-enhancing effects, improved air quality, and reducing stress as you tend to them, among others. Luckily, you can buy a house plant from your local garden store and also get advice on how to take care of it.

Garden Tech

The houseplant trend continues to become more popular since people are now aware of their health-boosting effects while enhancing your decor. So if you are planning to join the houseplant movement, but are afraid the plants may die, you are not alone. Today, you can find smart gardening gadgets at your local garden store for almost everything you need. This ranges from watering reminders to analyzing your home lighting condition, all in an effort to help keep your plants healthy.

Planting for Wildlife

Gardens have become an increasingly significant habitat for wild birds, insects, and smaller animals. Gardens have become ‘green corridors’ in towns and cities, which can help provide food and shelter for a wide array of species.

Gardens also help protect pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies by growing pollinator-friendly plants such as lavender, milkweed, and lilacs.

Composting for Sustainable Gardening

Ever heard of sustainable garden movement? The movement has gained ground and encourages gardeners to avoid using chemicals. Instead, they should use a more holistic approach, such as using compost. Composting is a trendy and smart gardening technique of recycling backyard and garden waste. Use of compost benefits your garden by increasing water retention and improving tilth.

So as you visit your local garden store to begin your gardening journey, consider emerging trends when constructing your masterpiece.