June is perennial gardening month

Whew, we did it! May has come and gone and our gardens are planted. We’re done for the season and it’s time to sit back and relax. Right?

Well, almost. Have you considered adding in some perennial blooms for mid-June and into July? Now is the time to strategically add some perennials for midsummer color. What will your garden need?

A little burst of red

Bright red Alstroemeria bloom

Alstroemeria - Inca Bandit (Alstroemeria ‘Koncaband’)

Midsummer is the time for dramatic reds to bring life into the garden. It has tropical looking, bright red blooms, producing a lot of flowers over a long period. For longer blooms, Alstroemeria flowers are your best bet, flowering from June until frost.

Blooming Rock Garden

a cluster of pink armeria blooms


This perky one is a season long, flowering perennial with bright pink flower clusters. Good rock garden or edging plant.

a close up shot of white arenaria blooms


A very classy little alpine or rock garden plant. It forms a low evergreen cushion of dark green leaves, bearing loads of large white flowers during the spring months. In sandy soils, this will root and spread slowly to form a patch. Great for edging paths, between flagstones, in walls or trough gardens.

Blocks of color

Yellow achillea blooms

Achillea Sassy Summer

With a range of beautiful colors, such as yellow, red, pink, and orange, you'll definitely find something that fits your needs.

A close up shot of a yellow Daylily bloom

Hemerocallis - Stella D’oro

This daylily is a compact plant and early bloomer. It blooms from May to July. In fact, its ability to rebloom over a long period  and its adaptability to a wide range of planting zones and conditions make it perhaps the most popular of the daylilies.

Beds & Borders

Bright magenta coreopisis blooms with yellow eyes

Coreopsis ‘Cruzin Series’

A vigorous threadleaf variety with dramatic flower color. Big yellow flowers have a beautiful ring of burgundy around the crown that bleeds down the petal tips, becoming the dominant color in fall. This prolific bloomer adds fantastic color to beds, tall borders, containers and hanging baskets.

light pink clusters of blooms of the Lychnis

Lychnis ‘Petite Jenny’

Dwarf form of the popular, double-flowered selection L. ‘Jenny’. A lovely pastel shade for the front of the border. A nice filler flower for cut arrangements. Flowers are attractive to butterflies.

Close up of a bright red coneflower bloom

Echinacea ‘Sombrero Series’

This Coneflower produces well-branched, sturdy and compact plants featuring a high bud count and very large, single flowers which open peachy-coral. Ideal for sunny borders and growing in mixed containers and attractive to butterflies. Coneflowers begin blooming midsummer and continue for months if faded flowers are regularly removed.

classic shasta daisy blooms of white with yellow centers

Leucanthemum × superbum Sweet Daisy ‘Birdy’

Shasta Daisies enjoy universal appeal as a garden plant and cutflower. They are easy perennials that perform best in a sunny border. Removing faded flowers will greatly increase the blooming time. Good strong stems support the blooms well.

For Our Pollinator Friends

red penstemon blooms

Penstemon ‘Peptalk Series’ and ‘Cherry Sparks’

The hot pink flowers of this perennial are sure to be a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. Dark green leaves with abundant blooms starting in late spring to early summer, continuing into fall. Perfect for borders and mixed containers, and a cutting garden essential.

Agastache blooms in purple with yellow acents

Agastache 'Mango Tango’

This one has it all, highly attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds while resistant to deer and rabbit. It blooms in an array of color from pink, violet, and apricot.

Keeping Busy in June

If you’re itching to get out into the garden in June, the Oregon State University Master Gardener’s June Garden Calendar has recommendations for chores to take care of at that time.