plant nursery


Whether you’ve got a green thumb and you love to plant, or you’re a gardening novice who’s looking to create a healthy garden in your backyard, look no further than your local plant nursery. By visiting a local plant nursery like Al’s Garden & Home, you’ll find good quality products, a large  f selection and solid customer service to answer all your gardening questions.

Get The Knowledge You Need For The Garden You Want

Your local plant nursery is staffed by knowledgeable folks who can tell you just about everything you need to know about gardening. These experts can recognize different plant diseases and advise you about how to contend with them. Their extensive knowledge about local plants, trees and shrubs can also help you choose the kinds of plants that will  work best for your property and show you how to maintain them.

Introducing Native Plants

Al’s local plant nursery staff will also be able to educate you on native plants in your area. This is a win for local gardeners because native plants are not only readily available and likely to be e in stock at a gardening center or plant nursery, but since they are adapted to the temperatures and general climate of your area, they won’t require as much fertilizer, water or pesticides to maintain. In the long run, that means they’re going to fare better than non-native plants. Stop in and ask an Al’s expert about our native plant selection.

Access To Healthier Plants

Do you wonder about the health of the plants that you’re purchasing? A big box or hardware store may not always carry the most robust, disease-free plants. And as you know, it takes more than just a positive attitude for plants and flowers to grow and sprout the way you hope they will. Fortunately, a plant nursery like Al’s has access to healthier plants than some of the bigger name chain stores. Plant nurseries are able to nurture plants from seedlings into mature, healthy plants that are more resistant to disease. Once that happens, you’ll be able to purchase them and care for them with a normal care schedule, instead of spending great amounts of time and frustration growing plants from seed into maturity. 

By visiting a local plant nursery, you’ll have full access to healthy, properly grown plants that will totally transform your backyard and really enhance your love of gardening.