garden centers

Building a home garden in your own backyard is a fantastic way to create fresh produce for you and your family. To take it up a notch, adding a few home-grown herbs and spices to your garden, while consulting with local garden centers for proper herb care, is a great way to keep dishes and home cooking fresh and flavorful. A spice garden is also a great way to add some fresh scents in your backyard, on your windowsill. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just getting started, let's take a look at how to add herb and spice plants to your garden.

Which Spices to Choose

There are many herbs and spices to choose from. Fresh Basil will add aromatic flavors to your dishes. Include fresh Basil in your sauces, like pesto, or add to some fresh spring and summer salads. Mint and Chamomile go hand in hand for fresh teas, as well as homemade and DIY products. Seeds for herbs and spices can be found in local garden centers. Ask an Al’s expert for advice regarding plant care needs.

Gathering What You Need at Garden Centers

To start, you will need herb and spice seeds, then choose the right pot for your needs: ceramic, recycled, or plastic garden pots. Be sure to choose a pot with a hole in the bottom for water drainage so you do not drown your new plants, and to prevent mold.Next, add a garden plate for your pots and potting soil. TAs a bonus, plant markers create a cute way to differentiate your plants! edible garden centers in Portland, Oregon like Al’s Garden and Home, offer key items to begin your homegrown herb and spice garden.

Now Pot Your Seeds

Fill your pot with potting soil almost to the brim, then place a few seeds on top of the soil. Fill the soil another quarter to half inch above the seeds and gently pack the soil. Leaving the soil gently packed will allow for more air to flow through the pot, encouraging the plant to grow. However, each plant may require specific attention so make sure to check the instructions on the plant packet or check with an Al's expert.

Water and Care

Caring for your plants requires attention and a little TLC, mostly through consistent and proper watering. Water your plant enough to fill the pot, not enough to overflow the potting plate but enough to water the potting soil. After a few weeks, the plant may outgrow it's container if you've started with a smaller pot -- and that is ok! All you need to do is repack the plant in a larger container with more potting soil, firmly packing around the roots, and trim the plant when it reaches its desired  height. This will keep your plant healthy and allow it to produce vibrantly.

There are many ways to use herbs and spices in your cooking and for home remedies, wellness, and health maintenance. Using garden accessories for your potting needs will also add to the aesthetic pleasure of a spice garden, whether indoors or outdoors for this spring season. Al’s can provide the gardening tools and accessories you need to help your herb and spice life thrive.