yard garden

There has been no better time to get into home gardening than right now, as we all find ourselves at home with extra time on our hands.

Home gardening has become a popular pastime. Countless people across the country plant their own flowers and produce during the growing seasons each year.

There is a plethora of information out there to get the home gardener started. Unfortunately, this advice does not always come with the approval of the experts. Sometimes, people share tips before they have done their due diligence to confirm that what they are recommending works.

We will get into the details on how to sow seeds at home, and dispel some of these gardening methods you may have seen that produce less than ideal results.

Weighing in on the egg carton strategy

If you happen to frequent aggregator sites, such as Pinterest, when searching for gardening inspiration, it's likely that you have come across images of people sowing seeds in egg cartons. The results, particularly if an aesthetic cardboard carton of local farm fresh eggs is used, can look enticing. Not to mention the fact that this seems to be the perfect strategy for those who are gardening on a budget -- the odds are good that you have a carton of eggs sitting in your house right now.

However, it turns out that this is a strategy which is generally best to avoid. The irregular shape, lack of proper separation, and insufficient size of egg cartons make them a poor choice for sowing. Instead, invest in some flats, or choose a different DIY option. Cardboard toilet paper rolls, for example, can make excellent DIY seed holders.

If you are new to gardening, first ask an experienced friend with a green thumb, "Do you know of a good plant nursery or garden center near me?" Once you have a reliable source for seeds, make sure to follow these seed sowing tips and your yard garden is sure to be a success.