Alstoemerias for Perennial Gardening Month

This beautiful flower is also known as the Princess lily or the dwarf Peruvian lily.

These throaty tufts of flowers are long bloomers, and provide Hawaii-like intense color that attracts bumble bees and hummingbirds alike. There is a unique way to harvest flowers or deadhead once your alstoemerias has bloomed. Simply snap the flower stalk off at the base of the plant. Alstoemerias send up flower stems quicker than if you just trimmed it back with scissors.


  • Flowers bloom late May to September
  • Full sun to a little afternoon shade
  • Unique way to harvest flowers or deadhead for more blooms
  • Makes a beautiful cut flowers
Red Inca Bandit Alstoemeria bloom

Inca Bandit

Inca Bandit is well named... Take care or he will steal your heart! Valentine red blooms with enticing black whiskers are plentiful all spring and summer, and keep going right into fall. Don't forget the lush emerald foliage, so handsome even without blooms. Be sure to pull rather than cut the stems you bring into your vase. Pulling alstroemeria stems gets them reblooming much faster than when the stems are cut.

Purple Inca Nobel Alstoemeria bloom

Inca Noble

A purple blooming dwarf alstroemeria that performs just as well as any pink! If you love rich shades of purple and violet, but only have time or patience for plants that produce a lot of blooms with little care - Alstroemeria noble is the one for you! Velvety purple petals shade nearly to black, with a white spotlight and a spray of black whiskers. Expect months of blooms in return for good growing conditions. Perfect for containers, window boxes, patios and balconies.

White Inca Lucky Alstoemeria bloom

Inca Lucky

This vivacious alstroemeria makes you fall in love all over again! Lush, tropical foliage forms a handsome mound, with plentiful stems rising just 8-12", loaded with magenta buds. The blooms open to petals of clearest white, with throats of luscious salmon pink, and fetching green brushes at their tips. Just the barest freckling and you will feel lucky with these blooms gracing your garden or your vase.