an array of fall plants and decor

Online shopping has become my favorite Covid pastime. After you’ve baked all the bread, organized the cupboards, and sewn a mask for everyone in your neighborhood, online shopping is right there waiting for you; ready whenever you are. It is a welcomed change after having to make so many other adjustments around store closures, distancing rules, and sanitation procedures.

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when you shop online? It’s such a mystery. When you push the “Purchase” button, does it just float off into cyberspace never to be seen from again? Or, is someone drumming their fingers on their desk just waiting for the next order to come through so they can get started gathering plants?

Let’s take the mystery out of it and go on a “behind the scenes” tour of your online shopping order, starring our very own Al’s team at the Sherwood location.

Let’s begin:

It’s as easy as going to Al’s website and pressing the purple “Shop Online” button.

Let’s see, what do you need right now? Oh yeah, FALL STUFF! The seasons are changing and that means you can spruce up the yard, porch, and patio. Al's Fall Collection it is!

Choose your plants and sizes, and specify the color in the notes section at check out.

You know the drill: click “Add to Cart” and choose FREE Sherwood store pickup. All of our online orders go through our Sherwood store for free curbside pick up.

So where did our order go?

Come with me as we follow your Al’s online order through its busy day!

Meet Jessica. She’s our Business Operations Manager, and today she is fulfilling all our online orders. She has your order in hand and is ready to start picking the most beautiful plants for you.

Where to first, Jessica?

First stop: Gourds! Jessica knows to pick the best of the bunch. She’s got an eye for quality and wants only the best for her online customers.

Next is Flowering Kale. This is going to be such beautiful fall decor. Jessica picks out the biggest and most beautiful.

Mums are next. Two of each color, please!

Nice choices Jessica! We make a great shopping team.

The order is pulled and everything looks amazing. Let’s complete this order!

Back in the office, Jessica completes the order, sending you an email to tell you that your order is ready to be picked up, including all the helpful info you need to know in order to pick it up curbside at the Sherwood store.

Here’s the order, just waiting to be picked up. Won’t somebody take me home?

Ok, Ok, now you're here! As you pull into the Sherwood store parking lot and turn to the right, you will find curbside pickup parking spaces located alongside the far edge of the parking lot, designated with these purple signs:

Simply call the number and let us know that you are here to pick up your online order. Then we'll be right out!

We'll take care of loading up your car, with social distancing of course.

Enjoy your plants; come back soon!

That was so easy! And you can do most of it in your pajamas.

Now go ahead and give it a try. Test drive the Al’s online shopping site but don’t make the same mistake I did - don’t forget your Al’s fertilizer to keep those plants healthy and happy all season long.