Peppermint Mountain Laurel blooms

This showy shrub will have your neighbors stopping and asking “What is that?”

Nipmuck Mountain Laurel

Their pentagonal-shaped blossoms have a unique architectural structure. Their buds almost look like berries until they bloom, and then become little origami-like blossoms.

The Mountain laurel is closely related to azaleas and rhododendrons. It grows in a large, rounded mound and has dark green foliage that remains all year. In late spring, it bears huge clusters of flowers in combinations of pink, red and white.


  • Mountain laurel needs soil with an acidic pH.
  • It prefers ground that's moist, well-drained, and high in organic matter.
  • Amend average soil with compost, before planting.
  • Mountain laurel tolerates full sun in moist soil
  • It does better in partial shade if the soil tends to get dry.

Because it likes acidic soil, we recommend fertilizing with Espoma’s® Holly-tone. Just mix the granular fertilizer into the soil to encourage healthy growth. This slow-release fertilizer is perfect for extended feeding.

Stop into any Al's to see a great selection of Mountain laurel varieties - blooming now!

Pink Charm Mt. Laurel bloomsPink Charm
Minuet Mt. Laurel bloomsMinuet
Keepsake Mt. Laurel bloomsKeepsake
Heart's Desire Mt Laurel bloomsHeart's Desire
Freckles Mt. Laurel bloomsFreckles
Carousel Mt. Laurel bloomsCarousel
Peppermint Mt. Laurel bloomsPeppermint
Bullseye Mt. Laurel bloomsBullseye
Big Boy Mt. Laurel bloomsBig Boy