a porch decorated with many many orange pumpkins

Going Full Gourd This Year

You can feel it in the crisp autumn air. We’re all abuzz with excitement. It’s nearly Halloween and if you look around the neighborhood, read the news, or talk to your friends and family, it seems like we are all planning to bring our “A” game this year! From over-the-top yard displays to candy chutes and clothes-line trick-or-treat delivery systems, we are pushing the boundaries of our imaginations so that we can celebrate like the bunch of grown-up kids we are!

Just like these parents who are serious about giving their kids a great Halloween. They invented a candy zip-line including a ghost that shoots down a cable to the street, delivering not only pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters, but also two cans of Bud Light to their parents. Clever!

Or this mom, who is going all out to create some amazing memories for her daughter by being a little extravagant this Halloween. "We let my daughter pick out three different costumes just to make up for all the chaos this year," she tells NPR.

Sure, we’re making up for the fact that most activities have been cancelled, but when we’re forced to get creative to make the holiday special, often that’s what makes it all the more fun and the memories all the more vivid and cherished.

Let's Give 'Em Pumpkin to Talk About.

Decorating is a way for neighbors to connect to each other, and “even go a little bit overboard” since other activities like parades and haunted houses have been canceled, according to The Buffalo News.

So why don’t we get those creative juices flowing and ramp up our autumn displays.

Meet Your Pumpkins

Choose just the right pumpkin for the job or pile them all up for a fun display. Come into any of our Al’s locations and bring home some seasonal spirit!

Howden Biggie is exactly that, a biggie. This attractive pumpkin has a large, true pumpkin shape and a dark orange color and it’s ideal for jack-o-lantern carving.

Magic Lantern has a slightly upright shape and very dark orange in color. It’s the perfect traditional pumpkin patch pumpkin!

Baby Boo is a pure white miniature pumpkin. These are essential to add color and a variety of size to any and all autumn displays.

Crystal star is a new white variety, large with a great pumpkin shape and perfect for carving.

Cotton Candy has a nice white exterior with sizes ranging from 5-12 lbs. Excellent for painting.

Cinderella is an attractive decorative pumpkin with deep reddish orange color. It adds whimsy and a variety of shape to your pumpkin display. They are also great for baked goods and desserts.

Blue Doll pumpkin has an exotic blue color to its blocky, deeply ribbed fruit. Add to your pumpkin collection to create interest for the eye or create a color block using only Blue Dolls and make a bold statement with your arrangement. The Blue Doll's flesh is also good for pies, soups or canning.

Warty makes an unusual addition to your decorations and a very spooky jack-o-lantern! The fun texture is sure to get a double take from trick-or-treaters!

From left to right: Magic Lantern, Crystal Star, Cinderella, Blue Doll, Warty Pumpkins.

No matter your style, decoration choices and trick-or-treating work-arounds, as we attempt to make these holidays special in 2020, we can all agree: Life Is Gourd.