These frigid temps can be discouraging. If you’re mourning the end of spending time in the garden and enjoying the fruits (and blooms) of your labor, you may be pleasantly surprised at what’s in store.

Combat the heartbreak of watching your garden go into hibernation by adding color, texture, and year-round interest with a few (or many) strategically placed evergreen conifers. When compared to the other plants in the garden, you have a champion with evergreen conifers - they won’t let you down by going dormant like deciduous shrubs and trees or disappear in the winter like perennials do. So, set up something interesting in the garden that you can enjoy all year round.

Winter Sun Mugo Pine

Evergreen Conifers are Landscape Essentials

We are no strangers to conifers in older landscapes from the 1960’s and 70’s; many have outgrown their space, becoming something with no discernible shape or purpose. But conifers have developed a huge following of collectors and enthusiasts. What do they know about using conifers as a landscape staple?

According to the American Conifer Society, designing with conifers is easy and their uses in the landscape are limited only by the imagination. The strong silhouettes of many compact, slow-growing conifers can accent a corner of a garden bed, frame a doorway or add winter interest to perennial and annual flower beds. Use conifers in foundation plantings, borders or island beds with other shrubs. Plant a mixture of different conifers, blending the various textures, shapes and colors, for a unique low-maintenance landscape.

Whipcord Western Red Cedar

It’s a true champion all year round, whether they are serving as a background for your perennial and annual color in the spring, or play the starring role in your winter garden. Don’t be confused by the name, evergreen conifers aren’t limited to just one color that ends up blending into the other plants in the background. They come in gorgeous golds and subtle and stunning grays and blues.

Create “good bones” in your yard by establishing the structure of your garden with conifers, from foundation plantings, as backgrounds for flower borders, as specimens, and as accents in the smallest rock gardens or at the edge of vast forests. But don’t dismiss the far reaching benefits of these garden workhorses. Beyond serving as a design staple, they provide practical benefits as well. Use them as:

  • A solid windscreen and for dense shade in the summer.
  • A wildlife habitat and winter protection for our feathered and furry friends.
  • A privacy shield from even the closest (and nosiest) neighbor.
Greenstar Umbrella Pine

Get ready to fall in love with conifers, the winter garden hero! Design your garden with these simple tips:

  • Avoid the “wall of green” by using a mix of shapes, sizes, and colors to enliven a collection of conifers planted as a screen.
  • Choose an interesting shaped or colored conifer in the garden to use as a focal point.
  • Sculpt it or leave it wild and natural, depending on the mood you wish to establish.
  • Bring them in for a close up in containers. Add them to your porch decor by mixing it with trailing ivy and a pop of color. Make sure the conifer is the center of attention to add a seasonal flair and build around it.
Add unique conifers for a truly stunning winter container!

Stop in to any Al's today and see our great selection of conifers in stock, and add one of these unique beauties to your landscape today.

As Nancy Britz, a conifer enthusiast, tells Fine Gardening, “Even in the bleakest winter, the garden looks like a garden—thanks to the conifers.”