Magenta Cyclamen Blooms

The Christmas décor just came down and with it went the bright festive colors adorning the outside of your home. What better way is there to fill that empty space with than winter blooming plants!

Hellebores are great for winter interest in your yard with blooms providing a pop of color. Varieties of Hellebores start blooming around November and continue to bloom all throughout the winter. Unusual bloom colors are something that makes this plant unique, they can range from amber to almost black making a striking statement in your yard.

'Angel Glow' Hellebore
The unique 'Dijx' series of cyclamen are new at Al's

Cyclamens are often looked over because they can be an indoor plant and an outdoor plant. Indoors they have long-lasting blooms with bright colors in shades of pink, burgundy and white. Outdoors Cyclamen love the cooler weather but be sure to keep them in a container or on your sheltered porch or deck because they do not like cold frost. This year our greenhouses grew two new looks called Super Series Djix Red and Djix Wine. What is unique about these Cyclamen is that their bloom is facing down which shows the incredible detail on the back!

Witch Hazel is a super interesting shrub that flowers in the winter months. Their bloom is very intricate and when you look at it closely there are tiny little flowers that add delicate detail. With their bright colors you cannot miss them in the landscape.

Jelena Witch Hazel

Euonymus is another shrub that adds winter color. With brightly colored variegated leaves it is hard to miss and is a standout in the winter months.

Camellias are great winter bloomers. With a variety of bloom colors ranging from whites to deep reds and pinks contrasting with dark green foliage it is a knockout in the cold months. They add a nice shape to your yard, and you can add them as an accent on the corner of your home. Personally, I love them by a window so that I can see the wonderful color they provide from the warmth inside!

Camellia Japonica 'Marie Bracey'

Bring color back into your yard in the winter months with these key plants for winter color!