Do you ever wonder how our beautiful displays come together? It all started with a lot of us here at Al’s wanting to “Escape to Spring” after this past winter and culminated into beautiful tulip chandeliers and photo worthy displays.

There is so much creative energy here at Al’s that is extremely fun to be a part of. To make things even better we have plants for inspiration that we get to be around all the time!

Display at Al's of Sherwood

We have a whole team that is dedicated to the store’s look and feel. Barb Florig, our Visual Director starts planning and coming up with ideas at least six months in advance of when they happen and come to fruition.

If you haven’t been into the stores yet you have to come and see what the Visual team created! Every time I see a new display and theme throughout the years, I think to myself, “There is no way that they can top what they did this year...” but somehow every time it gets better and better. This time they definitely outdid themselves!

Display at Al's of Gresham

As you walk through the stores be on the lookout for theme colors and look for items that tie everything in the stores together. Each color is chosen specifically and matched with others so everything is cohesive. All of our endcaps and big statement displays are made with a purpose and colors in mind. In fact, our visual team will go around to all the stores changing out the plants in the endcaps every few weeks to keep them fresh.

Work in Progress

It all started from a picture in a magazine! Can you believe that? Barb, our Visual director saw a picture of an upside-down tulip chandelier and an idea formed. Images were chosen for more inspiration and then came the colors for the theme!

Fun Fact:

Most of our props used by Visual are from recycled materials that were found or purchased over the years. We are all about upcycling items and making a great Visual statement that is inspiring.

Display at Al's of Sherwood

Come on in to the stores and check out the displays! I think they are so exciting to look at and take pictures in front of. If you do take pictures don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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