It may almost be spring, but you want to prepare your yard for the cold weather coming up!

  • Make sure all cold sensitive plants are covered if they’re out in the yard.  If they’re in pots, move them into the garage or at least close to the house for protection.  If you have any pots that can’t be moved, consider wrapping the pots with an old blanket to prevent them from freezing through and harming the plants’ roots or breaking the pot.
  • Don’t worry about any bulbs or perennials that may have sprouted already – they’ll be fine.
  • Make sure your broadleaf evergreens are watered well – the cold usually comes with a dry cold wind that can desiccate plants and cause leaf burn.  It’s a good idea to make sure they are well hydrated going into a cold snap.  Pay special attention to plants under the eve of your house – the rain can miss these areas and your plants can be surprisingly dry.
  • Consider spraying Wilt Stop® on broadleaf evergreens that could be exposed to cold dry wind. This will also help prevent desiccation and leaf burn.
  • Make sure you remove your hoses from your faucets, cover your faucets and drain the water out of your hoses.
  • Consider moving any cold sensitive indoor plants away from your windowsill for a few days if you have drafty windows.
  • If we get an accumulation of snow, watch your evergreen plants and remove snow from those that may be structurally compromised (this helps prevent breaking branches or splitting trunks). If a plant looks structurally sound, do not remove the snow because it serves as an insulator from the cold air.
  • Don’t forget to feed the birds if we get snow! A lot of their food could be covered up so they will need some that is easy to find.