Seeing a hummingbird darting between your plants is a delight. What attracts them to your garden and keeps them coming back? We have are some options for you that bloom late winter to early spring!

Looking for shrubs to attract Hummingbirds into your yard? Here are some options for you that bloom late winter to early spring! If you want to provide another source of nectar when your plants aren’t blooming as much, grab a hummingbird feeder to provide an extra source!

                                                                                  Hummingbird and flower!

Sarcococca ruscifolia aka ‘Sweetbox’

Sarcococca has many talents including being a great fragrant flower, it is evergreen (keeps its leaves all winter) and of course it attracts Hummingbirds! It is a compact shrub that has small white flowers from January to March. The bright dark green foliage stays all winter and can make a great hedge or small specimen. What is nice about Sarcococca is that even in the winter it keeps its nice dark green foliage and you don’t see it change colors like you might with boxwood.

                                                                                       Sarcococca bloom

Daphne odora

Daphne odora is another great shrub that is also fragrant. Hummingbirds love this shrub and I always see them in my yard poking around the Daphne. Something important to note about Daphne is that they don’t like their “feet” wet. It is important that they have very good drainage.

                                                                                         Daphne odora

Viburnum ‘Dawn’

Hummingbirds seem to like nice smelling shrubs because Viburnum is another that has a nice fragrance in the winter. This particular variety has pink flowers that cluster along the stem. It is a medium to large shrub and really stands out in a landscape especially when in bloom!

                                                                                         Viburnum ‘Dawn’

Mahonia ‘Charity’ and other varieties

What attracts Hummingbirds to this shrub is the “Crown” of bright gold flowers that start in December and go until March. The blooms are followed by blue-grey berries. This shrub is another evergreen plant and keeps its leaves all winter. It would be great on the corner of a house or near a window so you can watch your hummingbird friends in your warm house in the window.

Edgeworthia varieties (Paperbrush)

Edgeworthia or more commonly known as Paperbrush bush is one of a kind and is a rare plant. It can be hard to find at times but it has some really unique qualities to it. Its bloom is very cool and starts off as a little white bud that transforms and opens to reveal soft, yellow blossoms. When it blooms it is really cool to see because the blooms are the only thing on the branch and that makes them really pop.


Walking around the greenhouses this time of year is so fun because of all our hummingbird friends flying around! If you go to any of the Al’s Garden and Home locations most of the time you can see them flying around and pulling nectar from our many plants.