The Japanese Snowbell, with its dainty flowers, graceful canopy and moderate size is surprisingly easy to care for and makes a wonderful statement in late Spring and early Summer. It makes a great addition to a landscape bed or a patio garden and adds beauty and welcome shade wherever you end up putting it.

Keep reading to learn more about the Japanese Snowbell and some of our favorite varieties.

Japanese snowbell Styrax japonicus

A deciduous flowering tree, the Japanese Snowbell has small pendulous, bell shaped white flowers, and a relatively compact habit.

It prefers rich, well-drained acidic soil, consistent moisture in the first year to promote strong roots, full sun to partial shade and protection for strong winds. Make sure to give it some room wherever you plant it because the Japanese Snowbell’s branches grow horizontally. This is a perfect accent tree, or can be used in large containers as well.

This tree blooms in late spring and it’s fruit ripens in late summer; foliage occurs on the upper portion of branches but does not obscure the beautiful pendulous flowers.

It’s bark has irregular, interlacing orange-brown fissures which adds interest to a winter landscape. Texture is such an important design element in the garden, and easy to achieve with interesting tree barks like this one.

Excellent for hillside or slope planting. We recommend planting near a patio, as a single accent tree. Whether it’s the delicate hanging flowers, the beautiful bark, or the changing color of it’s deciduous leaves, we’ve got a couple of different varieties to choose from.

'Marley's Pink' Japanese Snowbell

An Al’s favorite variety includes ‘Marley’s Pink’ with it’s weeping form, and blushed pink flowers, with bright red calyces. We love it’s glossy green foliage that turns bright yellow in fall. This one requires Sun or PM shade, and can grow to 10’ and withstand -20 degrees F. Best of all it smells like cotton candy!

‘Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell

'Evening Light' Japanese Snowbell is an exciting color for this lovely small ornamental tree. The leaves emerge a glossy purple in spring, followed by graceful hanging white bells. The growth habit is slow, resulting in an upright, vase shaped tree which fits well into small, sunny spots in the garden. When 'Evening Light' is in bloom, pollinators flock to the fragrant flowers.

‘White Knight' Japanese Snowbell

Lovely, slightly fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers drip from strongly horizontal side branches with dark green foliage in early summer. A splendid small tree for use adjacent to a patio or near a pathway. The foliage turns yellow to red in the fall for an added display of color.

With it’s soft sweet fragrance, beautiful blooms and shaded branches, the Japanese Snowbell makes for a perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer while escaping the heat. Once it matures, your Japanese Snowbell will be your favorite place to unwind.