Do you have an empty space or need to freshen up the space you have? You might have an empty space that needs a little somethin’ somethin’ or you are tired of looking at the same containers and need a little refresh. When looking at that space here are a few things to keep in mind!

Where to Start

Think about where there might be dead spaces that need something to fill that space. Containers are a great way to fill those empty spaces. Is there a specific flower you love or a fun container that caught your eye? You can start one of two ways, by picking the specific flowers you would like or you can start with some containers you love!

Things to Keep in Mind

Which way are your planters facing? These planters are mostly in shade and on the North facing side of the house. They do not get the hot afternoon sun and only some morning sun so we planted Sweet Potato Vine (sun or shade), a Lemon Cypress (sun or shade) and Non-Stop Begonias that love the shade. The Begonias will add a pop of color that ties into the flower beds up the path.

Where is your water access? Planters dry out quicker than flower beds, especially in the summer we recommend watering everyday. If it is in the direct sun, sometimes twice a day.

The colors of your home and surroundings. You may want your containers to stand out or you might want them to fade into the background. It is really a personal choice and what you want your home to look like! In this example they wanted their containers to match and compliment the home.


The human eye likes triangles. Odd numbers really help with forming triangles. For example, there are three on the left side of the door forming a triangle. The triangle is formed by the tall in the back and then two shorter ones in front. You might be wondering what the one pot on the right side is doing all by itself. It is lending itself to making a triangle of color with the pink Solar Begonias in the bed, and then pink non-stops on each side of the door.

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