We love to see all of the holiday décor and traditions that people pass down from generation to generation! Here is some inspiration and a glimpse into the way Al’s Purple People celebrate the holidays.

Nikki’s Family Tradition

“My family’s ancestry on both sides come from Norway so it is tradition to make lefse (traditional Norwegian flatbread) each year for Christmas. Growing up I always looked forward to being part of making lefse which was usually me being a designated ‘flipper’ on the griddle for my Grandma. She then taught my Dad her recipe and technique so he could continue the tradition in our family. Over the years, my Dad taught my siblings, myself and some of our friends techniques he had learned making lefse and I looked forward every year to spending that time in the kitchen with my family and friends. Last year, he gave me the reigns and I made lefse for the first time on my own with the help of my designated ‘flippers’ – my Mom and sister. This year, I look forward to carrying on the tradition with my family and close friends to honor a long-standing tradition that brings us together in love and in lefse.” Nicki Petersen (Al’s HR)

Debbie’s Holiday Décor

Debbie had been coming to Al’s years before she started working here. So, you might recognize some holiday décor in her beautiful displays. She added ribbon to her tree and it is a dream to look at!

Harper helping to Decorate

Harper is our Christmas Décor buyer’s daughter so you could say Christmas decorating is in her blood. Here is a picture of her hanging up her H for Harper! It is always a great memory for kids decorating the tree every year!




The Peterson Family Tree

The picture is a perfect scene with the Peterson’s cat and dog lounging by their tree.




Megan Gets Her First Live Tree

Megan was one of our taggers in the Christmas tree field this year so she was able to pick out her very first live tree in her home! This is her with her tree on a stand ready to take it home and then her tree at home! In the field trees always look smaller than they may in your home. I think she measured just right!



Jeanne’s Holiday Décor

Nutcrackers galore! What an amazing collection to share! We love how Jeanne incorporated some signs and fresh greens into her holiday décor.



Jill’s Themed Trees

Jill takes Holiday decorating to the next level. With all of her themed trees we don’t know where to start! Her favorite is her snowman themed tree. On her fishing and bird trees she loves certain ornaments that she puts out every year. Look how cute the fishing hat ornament is!



Aaron’s Family Tree

A classic beauty Aaron said that his family went out and picked their tree from the field and that it was a fun family outing! We love to hear all of the holiday traditions within families.



Jessica’s Inspiration

As the sign says, “Sleigh the season, Merry Christmas” We love Jessica’s tabletop tree and home décor! What a great thing to see when you walk through the door into your home!



Teri’s Star Burst Tree

Teri shared with us her holiday tradition of putting Santa under her tree (not pictured). She also loves her star bursts that she puts in her tree. They add a bright light during the holiday season.

Emily’s Mushroom Wreath

Look at how cute this wreath is! Emily is super creative and this is a great Holiday decoration for your home. She made this herself!

We would love to see what your holiday décor looks like! Connect with us on our Social channels, tag us in your posts @alsgardenandhome on Instagram and Hashtag #alsholidays!