Did you know we grow 80% of the Christmas Trees we sell? An added bonus is that we are able to buy the other 20% from local farms in our area. We hand pick out our trees each year by walking the fields and looking at every tree. Locally grown Oregon trees are the best!

The 80% of the Christmas Trees we sell are Grown by Al’s Granddaughter Dorothy Russo and her family. The tradition of growing plants in Al’s family carried on all the way from generation to generation and now, the fourth generation is taking on the tradition. Dorothy is also the Chief Growing Operator at our Al’s Greenhouses in Hubbard where 80% of the plants we sell are grown. You could say that growing plants is in her blood.

When asked how the Christmas trees are doing each year she says (maybe with an eye roll thrown in there) “They are a labor of love”. From high heat last year burning some of the trees to trimming them every year and wading through the tall grass they definitely can be considered a labor of love.

Christmas trees are not a quick crop to grow. Dorothy’s field is about nine years old and we just started picking from it in the last couple of years. Christmas trees will grow about a foot a year so the crop is a longer term time and money investment to be able to harvest them.

Before Dorothy’s trees were ready and the remaining 20% of trees we have this year all come from local farms. It is always a fun trip out to the farms at the end of the summer to go out into the fields and pick the Christmas trees we will bring into the stores come November. It is usually a friends and family affair that requires loud voices, jeans and shoes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty.

Each tree is carefully inspected by each two person team. One person to tag the tree and the other to call out the size and measure (that is where the loud voice comes in). Row after row we walk down and look at every tree making sure that it meets our standards. Some of us may have better eyes than the other and feel bad for some of the perceived “ugly” trees. We always like to hope that the trees that we choose will find a home to go to.

Growing our trees has always been a labor of love and we’ve had many adventures while choosing the Christmas trees we have in our stores. From getting lost out in a field because you’re quicker than everyone else, taking some wrong turns down dirt roads, stepping on a bees nest (ouch- that was a bad year), or a month after we were there finding out that there was a bear living in one of the tree fields we were just out traipsing around in and making a lot of noise in. The adventures always make for great stories to laugh about later on.

Thank you to all who support local and support our labor of love by buying from Al’s. We wouldn’t trade the memories for anything!

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