Brandywine tomatoes

When it comes to growing tomatoes, deciding which variety to grow can often be the hardest part. There are thousands of varieties of tomatoes out there, and many different ways to enjoy them. Whether you are canning, making sauce or eating your tomatoes fresh by the slice, there is a tomato variety out there that is suited to your needs.

a ripe Big Beef tomatoBig Beef Tomato

Best Canning Varieties

Big Beef

It is extra meaty with a real ''homegrown'' flavor and just the right balance of sugars and acids. Produces extra large ''beefy'' fruit.


Most are pink or red with numerous small seed compartments distributed throughout the fruit, sometimes displaying pronounced ribbing similar to ancient pre-Columbian tomato cultivars.

two Roma Tomatoes on the vineRoma Tomato

Best Sauce and Paste Varieties

Heirloom San Marzano

These tomatoes are perfect for canning due to their firm texture, dark red color and sweet flavor. They also don't produce many seeds, making them perfect for making sauces and pastes. They are a very high yielding variety, and they love the heat.


Roma tomatoes are very common and perfect for canning and making tomato paste. They are slender, firm, meaty and have few seeds. They are easy to grow, produce tons of fruit and won't take up too much space in your garden.

Best Slicing Varieties

a large Dorothy's Delight Tomato on the vineDorothy's Delight Tomato

Dorothy’s Delight

There are only two things money can’t buy, the first is true love and the second is a homegrown tomato. Dorothy’s Delight is a nice meaty tomato that doesn’t run all over your plate when you slice it. The only way to eat it is fresh. They are named after Jack’s neighbor Dorothy - her family had been handing the seeds down for 90 years.

Early Girl

A tasty, dependable tomato for short growing seasons, because it ripens earlier than most other tomatoes. It grows indeterminate (tall) vines that will benefit from some type of staking or caging.

Heirloom Brandywine

two ripe Heirloom Brandywine TomatoesHeirloom Brandywine Tomato

The Brandywine tomato is a popular Amish heirloom tomato known for its rich "tomatoey" flavor. This widely grown variety has a cult following even though it is one of the slowest growing with a maturity of 80 to 90 days. It is an indeterminate that needs to be staked or caged. Its reddish-pink fruit are large.

Best Snacking Varieties

small yellow Sun Sugar Tomatoes on the vineSun Sugar Tomato

Sweet Million

This variety produces huge clusters of sweet bite-sized fruit all summer long. They are easy to grow and are very resistant to diseases and cracking on the vine.

Sun Sugar

Possibly the ultimate in cherry tomatoes! Superb flavor and texture with a tangy TRUE tomato taste with a new level of sugary sweetness. Weighing in only at 1/2 oz per fruit with thin skins that are crack resistant, even in heavy rains. Very vigorous!


Pearly round or plum-shaped, tangy or sweet, red or gold, cherry tomatoes top off summer salads, sweeten party trays, and make great treats for healthy kids.


Early - even earlier than Early Girl. And in Jack’s opinion, the best tasting!

Yellow Pear

Great for snacking and culinary use due to its unique yellow color

It's hard to narrow down your favorite tomato varieties; the only way to find out is to grow them yourself! Growing tomatoes isn't always a picnic, but with a little luck and some proper care, your tomatoes will thrive!

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