A 'Flaming Silver' Pieris in March

Pieris is definitely a triple threat! It is evergreen, has profuse blooms, and its new foliage emerges a fantastic red-bronze color. You can’t get more beauty into a single shrub.

Pieris features drooping clusters of lily-of-the-valley-like white flowers in early spring. Oblong leaves emerge red, but mature to a glossy, dark green. Bead-like flower buds are set in later summer for the following year, and provide winter interest and contrast to the evergreen foliage. Pieris comes in various shades of white, pink or deep rose blooms.

'Mt. Fire' Piereis in bloomMountain Fire Pieris

'Mountain Fire'

With its bright red new growth and cascading racemes of white flowers, this pieris is a vibrant addition to any garden. “Mountain Fire” is a versatile plant that offers year-round interest. It does well as a foundation planting, or as a layer in your shrub border.

wine-red foliage of Katsura PierisKatsura Pieris


'Katsura' Pieris has beautiful wine-red new foliage, flushing continuously throughout the season and turning dark green with age. Rose-pink bell-shaped flowers appear in early spring. Its compact mounding habit can reach 3' x 3' in five years. 'Katsura' Pieris does best in semi-shade in slightly acidic soil.

‘Flaming Silver’

Pieris 'Flaming Silver' is a splendid Japanese Andromeda, offering a stunning spring show followed by lovely variegation through summer and fall. It’s a fine landscape accent worthy of the best garden settings.


In mid-March, this pieris is almost completely covered in bell-shaped, creamy white blooms, providing a source of nectar for early-season pollinators such as mason bees. This dwarf shrub makes a beautiful low informal hedge, and it can be used to hide the leggy stems of taller shrubs. It is well adapted to containers, and can grow for several years in a pot.