flowering Mt. Fuji Cherry Trees outside Al's of Sherwood

Portland has long had a not so secret love affair with the flowering cherry tree. Whether you’re walking through Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, or the state capital in Salem, there is nothing more glorious than cherry trees in bloom.

"Hanami" is the centuries-old practice of picnicking under a blooming cherry tree. The custom, originally limited to the elite of the Imperial Court, soon spread to the common people. Al’s encourages you to take a moment, and enjoy this spring treat.

Cherry trees are characterized by their distinctive reddish brown bark, which has patches of horizontal markings called lenticels. The foliage is dark green, and the leaves have a toothed edge. The leaves while drooping, give way to the flowers which are arranged in umbels. Cherry trees are a great choice for attracting birds to your yard.

Accolade Flowering Cherry


A ravishingly beautiful spring flowering accent tree, featuring a semi-double deep pink flower before the leaves, with an attractive reddish-brown bark, and beautiful open habit. Needs full sun and well-drained soil. This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and is best pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed.


Deep pink flowers with many petals. Usually blooms in early April. New leaves are bronze, and turn green during the summer, and peachy/gold in autumn. Growth is upright, vase-shaped with a broad canopy.

‘Mount Fuji’

Pink flower buds open to fragrant white semi-double flowers, earlier than ‘Kwansan’. New leaves are bronze, turning green in summer. The ‘Mount Fuji’ has a very unique horizontal branching patter, not only to cherry trees but among many trees. Since its width can double its height at maturity – it is a great option to provide shade without having a very tall tree (15’).

blooms of the Akebono Flowering Cherry TreeAkebono Flowering Cherry


A beautiful flowering cherry tree native to Japan. Having very soft pink bloom, and double white flower that blooms in April, it forms a rounded spread. Turns a yellowish color during fall making them splendid landscape trees. They have bright green, glossy foliage during spring and summer months.


Is a beautiful, spreading tree that is wider than it is tall when mature. ‘Shirofugen’ cherry is the latest to come into bloom, with flowers that sometimes last into April in the Willamette Valley. The large, double, fragrant white blossom open from pink buds and darken into pink again just before they fall. These contrast very well against the rich, copper colored young leaves.

A Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry TreeSnow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree

‘Snow Fountain’

Weeping branches are covered in spring with a fountain of snow-white flowers, made even more dramatic in contrast to the stunning mahogany-red bark. ‘Snow Fountain’ is true weeping tree that makes for a great option in smaller yards, or where you want a smaller tree. It’s one of the few trees that can be grown in a large container. A beautiful and hardy small garden tree, that has an attractive habit after it is done blooming.