a large star magnolia tree in bloom

The Manolia stellata, or star magnolia, is a slow growing shrub-like tree that produces blossoms in early spring. This tree is a member of one of the most ancient flowering plant families and features several unique characteristics.

close up of a star magnolia bloomStar magnolias are in bloom and available now at Al's Garden Centers!

The defining characteristic of the star magnolia is its flowers, which blossom to reveal bright white petals in a star-shaped pattern. These flowers bloom for a few weeks in spring, depending on the weather.

The star magnolia tree can grow into a nice 15-20' multi-trunk tree. It presents foliage and flowers on several individual trunks. The star magnolia is deciduous and loses its leaves in the winter after creating colorful fall foliage.

  • It can be grown as a shrub or a tree - depending on how you prune it.
  • Can take up to a one half day of shade, so it can be planted in a lot of places in the yard.
  • It is a moderate grower, so it will grow quick enough to fill up an area, but not so fast that it overtakes your yard.
  • New foliage that comes on in the spring, is a nice bright green.
  • Very low maintenance: Fertilize and prune them once a year.
  • The star magnolia is very cold hardy, and can be disease and pest free.
  • Very little to no spraying is ever needed.
  • Once established, they are drought tolerant.
  • Since the leaves are not large, fall clean-up is a breeze!

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