close-up of a sarcococca bloom

While we like her glossy green leaves and ornamental black berries – it’s the fragrance that keeps us coming back to Sarcococca. She is definitely a star in winter.

Also known as Sweet Box, she is ideal for planting near a doorway so her fragrant white flowers can great your visitors. This woodland shrub grows particularly well in shady areas under trees, and is very easy to grow. Saracococca tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, and is a slow grower with a tidy habit, making her a good choice for background foliage or hedges.

the dark blue berries of the sarcococca bush

Himalayan Sarcococca:

Sarcococoa hookerriana ‘Humilis’

  • Black berries with glossy green foliage
  • Fragrant white rounded flower clusters
  • AM Sun / Shade, no afternoon sun
  • Height 1’-2’, Width 3’
  • Hardy to 0 F