beautiful yellow blooms of the edgeworthia bush

A very unusual Daphne relative that bears fragrant, bright yellow flowers on bare stems in winter. Sometimes called yellow Daphne, it’s definitely a collector plant. Each 1″ plus bud resembles an intricately designed tassel on the corner of an elegant Victorian pillow.

Edgeworthia is native to China and was named for Michael Edgeworth, a plant collector for the East India Company. In China, its bark is used to produce very high quality paper and for various medicinal purposes. Here it is an unusual and elegant four seasons ornamental.

Also called the Paper Bush, The leaves cluster at the tips of the branches giving the shrub a decidedly lush and tropical appearance that really stands out in the garden. When the leaves drop, they reveal the slender and pliable reddish-brown bark.

My favorite season for edgeworthia is winter after the leaves have dropped, and the buds have formed. The falling leaves also reveal edgeworthia’s striking architectural habit. It is a multi-stemmed shrub that forms an almost perfectly rounded umbrella shape. Beautiful.

close up of an edgeworthia bloom

Care Instructions:

  • Full shade to partial sun (East side)
  • Regular watering until established
  • Perfect for a dappled shade garden
  • Grows to 6-10 feet tall, and 6-10 feet wide over 10 years