Sure, we love the look and aroma of the traditional Christmas Tree, but here are a few ideas that any gardener can appreciate. These would make great gift to go along side someone's traditional tree, or may be the perfect size to be the main tree in a limited space.

Rosemary Topiary decorated for Christmas

Rosemary Topiary

Aren’t these adorable! Christmas trees in Lavender or Rosemary are the perfect gift for the gardener. These would make a wonderful centerpiece for a holiday party, but for the longevity of the plant, add them to your outdoor decorations once your guests have left. These topiaries will look great on your front porch, and they smell so good!

Norfolk Island Pine decorated for Christmas

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pines are also a great alternative to a full size tree. Norfolk Island Pines are native to Norfolk Island, which is located between New Caledonia and Australia in the South Pacific. They can reach 80 feet in their natural habitat, but will maintain their size when grown in a container.

Lemon Cypress Topiary decorated for Christmas

Cypress Topiary

A beautiful lemon cypress topiary pruned and shaped into cone form works great as well. It’s foliage has a wonderful lemon scent when touched. Like a living Christmas Tree, A lemon cypress can brighten up your home, however, you will want to move it outdoors after a week or so to keep it growing for years to come.