It’s summer and just like us, our indoor plants can thrive in the long, sunny days as long as we give them a little extra care and attention. Winter may leave your plants dormant which can make summer a more difficult time for growth. Adjusting light, water and even switching a plant’s scenery can help them have as good of a summer as you. Read on for our tips on how to care for your houseplants this summer and how to keep them healthy and green.

Crape Myrtles thrive and bloom well in heat and with the unusually hot weather we have been having in the Pacific Northwest, we are being treated to early blooms. Usually blooming in mid-August, Crape Myrtles will start to emerge from their dormancy and begin showing their first summer blooms, giving us all more time to admire their beauty and wide range of colors. With its blooms and attractive bark, this flowering tree will please the eye year-round.

The recent Oregon heat had us all flocking to the comfort of our homes, but unless our plants are in pots and can be brought indoors, they are stuck outside, bearing the heat wave without an escape. Most summers can be warm, but abnormally high temperatures can be stressful on plants, resulting in sunburn, wilting and even death.

Thankfully, there are methods that can be used to moderate these damaging effects of the rare Oregon heat. Here are our 5 ways to help your plants survive the summer heat and how to determine if you can revive a ‘fried’ plant.

Fire Mitigation is something that we never really want to think about but should. So here's a list of simple things you can do in the garden to improve your defensible space.

To close out Perennial Month, our perennial buyer and Garden Time co-host (Judy Alleruzzo) wanted to show off her 6 favorite perennials of the moment! Here are some reasons why they’ll be your favorites too.

Perennials have many uses, they look great in yards but some can also be used as cut flowers! You can give them as a gift to cheer someone up or use them in your own home to add a freshness that only garden-fresh flowers can provide. Here is a list of perennials to get you started!

Hummingbirds are such a joy to see fluttering by, but they are also wonderful pollinators that could help your garden grow naturally. What perennials attract hummingbirds? We've made a short list of flowers that will bring all the hummingbirds to your yard.

Gardeners have so many choices to attract butterflies and we want to help you select the best perennials to bring more butterflies into your yard and garden. Here is our list of the best flowers that attract butterflies!

Planting perennials that are known to attract bees into your flower beds and yard can be an effective way to create a bee-friendly yard that is both functional and attractive.

Check out these perennials and create a buzz around town about your garden.

The Japanese Snowbell, with its dainty flowers, graceful canopy and moderate size is surprisingly easy to care for and makes a wonderful statement in late Spring and early Summer. It makes a great addition to a landscape bed or a patio garden and adds beauty and welcome shade wherever you end up putting it.

Keep reading to learn more about the Japanese Snowbell and some of our favorite varieties.