It may almost be spring, but you want to prepare your yard for the cold weather coming up!

Do you ever wonder how our beautiful displays come together? It all started with a lot of us here at Al’s wanting to “Escape to Spring” after this past winter and culminated into beautiful tulip chandeliers and photo worthy displays.

I don’t know about you, but I love fresh berries in the Summertime! Did you know now is the perfect time to plant your berries for Summer? At your local Al’s Garden and Home, we have all kinds to choose from ranging from canning berries to berries that you can just pick right off the branch and pop into your mouth (without poking yourself)!

Peach in the tree

Do you want a fruit tree, but you do not have that much space, or you do not want it to take up a lot of space in your yard?  


We have three peach varieties just for you!  


Do you want a fruit tree, but you do not have that much space, or you do not want it to take up a lot of space in your yard?  

We have three Peach varieties just for you!  

Bare Root Fruit Trees

Why would you want to buy bare root fruit trees and why would we sell them this way? Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to plant your bare root fruit tree!

close up shot of a Jade plant

Al’s is always here to help you with all your houseplant needs! Whatever your houseplant skill level is, from easy-care low maintenance to a challenging houseplant, we can help you figure out the best fit for your home.

Magenta Cyclamen Blooms

The Christmas décor just came down and with it went the bright festive colors adorning the outside of your home. What better way is there to fill that empty space with than winter blooming plants!

A blue jay perched on a tree

As we embrace the changing season with decorations and our favorite festive traditions, let’s remember to take extra care of our feathered friends who will be relying on scarce food supplies.

What sort of Holiday merrymaker are you? Have you thought about it? From my point of view, there are two obvious types, and we’ll use this not-at-all scientific approach of the Christmas Tree Decoration Test.

We do need a little Christmas right now. We need the lights and the music, the sweet smells from the kitchen, the cozy evenings and we need to haul out the sepia-tinted memories of Christmases past. We may be rushing things, but what’s the harm if we start decking the halls now?

Sure, things are not the same this year, but not everything has changed! This year, we’re going to have a holiday season that’s a bit slower, quieter, with fewer distractions from the hustle and bustle of the season. Why not take advantage of the lack of busy-ness this year and spend some time keeping those old traditions as best as you can while we create some cherished new ones. We need Christmas now more than ever.