As summer draws to a close, the leaves will begin to turn and the summer heat will give way to milder temperatures. Pumpkins will adorn porches, while adults and children alike will gleefully disturb backyards with mountainous piles of leaves.

A planted ceramic pot sits among a collection of fall plants

With kids now headed back to school, it's time to formally usher in fall.  While pumpkins haven't arrived just yet, there is plenty of fall color and texture to explore and enjoy in your garden now. We love using our Fall Collection in container gardens, which makes it easy to beautify your porch or patio.

A display of fall plants

With cooler fall-like mornings in the forecast, it's time to welcome the fall. Just like going back to school, you can get excited about a fresh start in your garden, too. There are many advantages of planting in autumn, not the least of these being their brilliant autumn hues! That's why we are excited to share with you our Fall Collection.


August is all about transitions. Even with 90° days in our forecast, we begin the process of saying goodbye to summer by taking that last vacation and preparing for back to school. In the garden, Petunias and Million Bells give way to Rudbeckia and Millet, transitioning our gardens to the fall. 

plant nursery

Gardening is a hobby growing in popularity. In 2018, the home and garden market is projected to increase by $10 billion. What are people spending all that money on and are they doing it so their gardens live their best lives?

That's our hope, so we've some color-popping flower advice straight from plant nursery to your yard garden. You know that certain things grow in certain climates, times of the year, soil types, etc. As summer burns on and fall prepares to grace us with golden leaves, your garden must also make the transition.

A row of blooming pink and white crape myrtles

Nothing brings the late summer color quite like Crape Myrtles. With their ruffled flowers that appear just like crape paper, you'll see why these blooms are an outstanding addition to your landscape.

White cone-shaped blooms of a paniculata hydrangea outside of Al's Garden & Home in Sherwood

We love showcasing some of our favorite plants outside of our retail locations, and if you have driven by Al's of Sherwood lately you have probably seen the large football-shaped blooms of Paniculata Hydrangeas. While other plants may be struggling with the summer heat, these hydrangeas are just showing off.

A woman in a yellow shirt waters a container full of flowers

We've shared many Water Wise tips and solutions over the years, including some unique ways to keep your plants hydrated during the hot summer months. Often times, the best watering tool is simply a good ol' hose and water nozzle or sprinkler.

local garden centers

With the US home and garden market being valued at around $272 billion last year, getting your backyard garden started can be a bit of a daunting task. Wandering around your local garden centers can feel like walking through a beautiful but nonetheless confusing maze; where do you start? What are you looking for? What do you need? Based on the climate and sun cover of your yard, the answer can vary. Here are a few tips to get you started.

A yard full of colorful tropical plants surrounding a concrete fountain

Here at Al’s, we love working around plants! Many of us even take our work home with us. So you can imagine that many of our Al’s Experts have amazing outdoor living spaces at home, all reflecting individual personalities and passions. This week we are featuring a tropic wonderland created by Peter Eastman, Assistant Store Manager at Al's of Wilsonville.