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Gardening is a great way to add character to your house, whether the plants are in your backyard or within your home. You can create a beautiful English garden or a tropical landscape no matter where you are just by taking a visit to one of the many garden centers in your area. The gardening market is constantly growing, so much so that it was worth $272 billion in 2017.

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Did you know that while younger generations are recently taking an interest, older generations continue to dominate the gardening participation?

A quick glance out the window is enough to tell you that the fall season is upon us. That means cooler temperatures and the return of rain. But don't go retiring your garden tools just yet! Many people don't know that fall is an excellent time for planting. While spring may be known for new growth and rejuvenation, there are many advantages to adding new shrubs and perennials to your landscape right now.

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As the weather fades from summer into fall, it’s time to liven up your containers with fresh, new foliage and fall favorites to show off the season! Al’s Fall Collection of mixed annuals and perennials makes it easy to create your own masterpiece and is a great place to begin your autumn planting adventure.

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Gardening is often a labor of love. People who take the time to put together a garden and spend the money needed to bring it to fruition are invested in their efforts. In 2016, the average amount spent per customer for gardening and lawn care was $141.06. If you're going to put that money and dedication into creating a beautiful garden, you want to be sure that you choose the right plants for yourself and your home. Every landscape and gardener is different, so your needs and tastes will differ from others according to a few key factors.

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Gardens have the opportunity to bring peace and joy to our lives. It is wonderfully appealing to be able to walk through budding blooms in beautiful hues in our backyards. The abundance of growth and life is a way to reconnect to our roots and perhaps ourselves.

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Gardening and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. With 83% of Millennials saying they try to be environmentally conscious according to one survey, it is logical that many Millennials are taking up gardening. In fact, 29% of gardening households are aged 18 through 34 years old. And gardening among Millennials is only growing. Knowing that many of these new gardeners are taking up gardening for environmental reasons, here are five ways to make an environmentally friendly garden:

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Studies show that Americans are embracing plant parenting more by the day. The home garden industry increased by a staggering $10 billion in 2018.

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Last week we introduced our Container Collection - featuring unique blooms and foliage to refresh your summer containers. We want to highlight a few more of our favorites from this collection this week. Plants with bold colors and textures that add tremendous visual interest.


The Benefits of Nature

Being in and around nature has significant benefits for our health. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a 20-minute stroll in nature has been shown to elevate happiness, increase alertness, and improve mood. Additionally, being in nature has even been linked to increased compassion.