An array of fall decor arranged on a table
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Bring the beauty of autumn inside with a few easy tips and these fun and stylish pieces that will become your new favorites.

If your living space needs a seasonal refresh after months of doing all the working, living, and learning from home, try adding a few items from our indoor decor collection to create that much needed transformation into fall.

a porch decorated with many many orange pumpkins

Going Full Gourd This Year

You can feel it in the crisp autumn air. We’re all abuzz with excitement. It’s nearly Halloween and if you look around the neighborhood, read the news, or talk to your friends and family, it seems like we are all planning to bring our “A” game this year! From over-the-top yard displays to candy chutes and clothes-line trick-or-treat delivery systems, we are pushing the boundaries of our imaginations so that we can celebrate like the bunch of grown-up kids we are!

Why are we so obsessed with houseplants these days? Filling every square inch of free surface area (near bright, indirect lighting, of course), crowding them ever closer so we can fit just one more?

Us houseplant owners can tell you exactly why we need “just one more”, even though it may remain a mystery to our loved ones.

outside garden center

1. Understand Quantity and Timing

During the summer, the best time to water is early in the morning as the process of photosynthesis begins to unfold. After 10 am, the ground is hot, and water may evaporate before the flowers and shrubs can take up the moisture. The next best time is in the evening around 4 pm when the heat has subsided.

I think nature, if we really look at it, gives us hope. Deborah Blum, editor of the Houghton Mifflin series, Best American Science and Nature Writing, says nature is a great teacher of resilience.

“Here’s what I find inspiring about nature: It’s stubbornness personified,” she says.

Spending the time to really stop and look at nature, the behavior of our plants and the ecosystem in our own backyards serves as a helpful reminder to look to nature as a guide for what we can do in times of uncertainty and hopelessness.

green thumb

People around the nation are increasingly turning towards gardening as a hobby. For perspective, at least 117 million Americans participated in some form of gardening in 2017, and 18-34-year-olds now make up 29% of all gardening households.

If you intend to join this growing number, you should know that the first step to a lush garden is sourcing the right greenery to plant. Every person with a green thumb knows the excitement of a trip down to the local garden center to source new plants and succulents for their backyard.

hands planting a tree into the ground

Have you ever planted a healthy shrub and then watch it struggle to survive? So much of that pain can be avoided if we follow the “right plant, right place” philosophy. This means that you decide not to fight the shade or sun in your garden, but choose the plant that will thrive in the existing conditions. “Right plant, right place” is sound advice that, if given and heeded early enough, prevents beginners from pulling their hair out.

During this time of year, we will even add to that prudent advice: “right plant, right place…at the right time! For those of us new to the gardening game, you may not realize that fall is the absolute best time for planting.

Fall is nearing and we are preparing for the Pacific Northwest hibernation. Just because we are moving indoors doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on green growing things. Using tropical houseplants we will create a lovely living indoor landscape to hang on your wall.

an array of fall plants and decor

Online shopping has become my favorite Covid pastime. After you’ve baked all the bread, organized the cupboards, and sewn a mask for everyone in your neighborhood, online shopping is right there waiting for you; ready whenever you are. It is a welcomed change after having to make so many other adjustments around store closures, distancing rules, and sanitation procedures.

I’ll admit to having a bit of container envy. Just a twinge of jealousy as I walk by a lavish and lush arrangement of seasonal plants perfect for thrilling guests at the front door. Unfortunately, my DIY skills are lacking in this department. I walk through the garden center and see so many choices, but I wonder: What’s the secret to a gorgeous container?