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A recent study in the U.S. shows that in 2017, approximately 117.6 million Americans did some gardening. Some did it as a way of spicing up their backyard, while others just love the idea of gardening.

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If you are like me, you love houseplants. Big leaves and cascading foliage; vibrant pops of color and unique variegated patterns; we just love ‘em all. Houseplants just seem to put me in a peaceful mood. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when I’m surrounded by greenery indoors I just feel more…focused. Creative. Relaxed. Happy. Does anybody else get that feeling around houseplants?

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Despite our relatively mild weather during the Holidays, it appears that the colder weather - and perhaps a little snow - is ready to make a January appearance. When the temperatures get colder, there are a few simple things to remember for your yard and garden, in order to limit and prevent problems in the spring. Just follow these simple cold-weather tips and you can be sure that your plants will be prepared to thrive come springtime!

Christmas time is the perfect time to gather your friends and family for a little intimate get together. It’s also the perfect time to throw that annual holiday bash and invite everyone you know! However you prefer your festivities, stop by Al’s gift department beforehand, and pick up the perfect bit of holiday décor and gifts that will get you and all of your guests in the holiday spirit.

The traditional poinsettia is the plant of the Christmas season, with its beautiful bright red and dark green foliage. This time of the year you can see this festive plant popping up all around homes and businesses in order to add an instant touch of the Holidays. We know you can get poinsettias just about anywhere these days, so what makes a Grown By Al’s Poinsettia far and away the best in the Northwest?

I've made this apple crisp recipe for years because I didn't think it could get any better. But I've found that using Al's Exclusive Ice Apples in this recipe takes this crisp to a whole new delicious level! Pick up some Ice Apples from Al's and make this sweet dessert at your next holiday gathering.

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Here at Al's, we're blending the houseplant craze with our Grown By Al's Poinsettias. So if you are in our store and you're wondering where all the houseplants went, wander over to the warm Poinsettia Houses to find all your houseplant favorites!

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Thanksgiving is all about family and food. That's why I wanted to share these recipes that have been a favorite in my family for years. Whether you are cooking the entire big meal as the host, or want something unique to bring to a gathering, these 3 fall-inspired appetizers are sure to be a big hit!

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If you've been searching the web for "garden store near me" and thinking about upgrading your yard or garden, you've come to the right place. Many people find great satisfaction in gardening as a hobby -- in fact, the entire home and garden market was worth over $270 billion in 2017.

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According to statistics, you will find at least one houseplant in 30% of all households. The primary reason most homeowners keep houseplants is for decorative purposes. Houseplants can add color and give your home a fresh, natural look.