Al's annual Evening of Lights is almost here: our fun and festive kick-off to the holiday season. This magical event is an Al's tradition, bringing you the familiar comforts of Christmas. But we're also always looking to add new traditions to our seasonal showcase. This year, there are some exciting new additions to our Evening of Lights that you won't want to miss!

plant nursery

Gardening may be a pastime dominated by older generations, but more and more young people are starting to shop at the plant nursery and develop their green thumb as gardeners.

Nothing complements a home like a lush outdoor garden. This is no secret — in 2017, over a third of all Americans engaged in some form of gardening. For a space to feel truly comfortable, it needs those natural forms to which we all gravitate. This is why it is so hard to see those plants wither away during the long, harsh winters.

plants with great fall foliage

We really enjoyed the bright blooms of summer flowers (and all that sun), but are undoubtedly looking forward to the fall season. We’ve already talked about how fall is perfect for planting in order to produce strong plants next spring, but what about when we want to make our yard and garden look great right now? There are many trees and shrubs that provide cool and unique foliage colors and textures this time of the year. Here are a few of our favorite trees and shrubs that look great in the fall, available now at all Al’s locations!

a delicious bowl of pumpkin soup

This is a great soup that you can make the day before for a company potluck or dinner with the whole family. Place in a crockpot, set to low. Once people taste it they will demand the recipe!

garden centers

Gardening is a great way to add character to your house, whether the plants are in your backyard or within your home. You can create a beautiful English garden or a tropical landscape no matter where you are just by taking a visit to one of the many garden centers in your area. The gardening market is constantly growing, so much so that it was worth $272 billion in 2017.

plant nursery

Did you know that while younger generations are recently taking an interest, older generations continue to dominate the gardening participation?

Our own Jessica Petersen recently shared a couple of her favorite scone recipes and we thought they were so good, we had to pass them along! Even though they share most ingredients, the bold flavors of Lavender and Lemon Thyme respectively, give these two scones unique and wonderful flavors!

A quick glance out the window is enough to tell you that the fall season is upon us. That means cooler temperatures and the return of rain. But don't go retiring your garden tools just yet! Many people don't know that fall is an excellent time for planting. While spring may be known for new growth and rejuvenation, there are many advantages to adding new shrubs and perennials to your landscape right now.

Rudbeckia bloom among mums

As the weather fades from summer into fall, it’s time to liven up your containers with fresh, new foliage and fall favorites to show off the season! Al’s Fall Collection of mixed annuals and perennials makes it easy to create your own masterpiece and is a great place to begin your autumn planting adventure.