Pretty Lady Rose inspired by Lady RoseRose image from

Pretty Lady Rose

Inspired by lady rose, niece and goddaughter of the Dowager Countess Violet, Pretty Lady is as vibrant as her namesake. Lady Rose has a high petal count that creates big, showy, ruffled blooms.  This rose is well dressed with healthy bright glossy medium green foliage. Her compact habit makes her especially good for containers. Dark pink in color, this plant has a sweet fragrance.

Edith's Darling Rose inspired by Lady EdithRose image from

Edith's Darling

This new addition to the popular series of roses was inspired by Lady Edith and her beloved daughter Marigold.  This old fashioned, soft apricot-gold flower mimics the color of her hair and is perfect for filling borders. The bloom smells like a cut apple or a fruity perfume, and is perfect for cutting and bringing into the house.

Anna's Promise Rose inspired by Anna BatesRose image from

Anna's Promise

This rose has a unique and complex color combination of both golden petals and pink blush just like its character Anna Bates. Strong stems and fruity fragrance make this rose very elegant.

Violet's Pride Rose inspired by Lady VioletRose image from

Violet's Pride

This rose was inspired by the many shades of lavender dresses worn by popular Downton Abbey character Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Violet's Pride has a magenta colored heart on its inner petals. Violet's Pride belongs to the aristocracy of the rose world, with dense foliage, sophisticated grapefruit-like fragrance, and resilience to disease.

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