Decorating for the Holidays with Dried Flowers

Decorating for the Holidays with Dried Flowers

Amanda Bayha, Owner of Soul Seeds

Our Al’s Garden and Home Sherwood store partnered with Amanda Bayha, Owner of Soul Seeds in Newberg, to create a 12-foot, dried flower Christmas tree!

Over the past year we have seen the trend of dried flowers take off, so we jumped in on the action. The grand idea began with a picture and transformed into a collaboration making that dream picture come to life.

We started collecting flowers in June from family members and friends’ yards, the Al’s Greenhouses, Al’s landscapes, and Schreiner’s Iris Gardens! We were able to walk around the beautiful landscapes and choose plants that are good to dry and even tested some items we thought might work. It completely changed my perspective on what I wanted to plant in my yard. If only I had enough space! The drying process is easy! It was a little tough to find space to hang everything, but we got creative with drying racks and spaces you would never think to hang things on. When drying flowers, they tend to keep their color best in dark, dry places. But if you desire a bleached effect, dry them in the sun.

There are so many plants that have drying potential. In this tree we used hydrangeas as a base, amaranth for hanging elements, straw flower, and dahlias for pops of color, pampas grass, wire bush and so much more! What started out as a 9-foot, artificial Christmas tree became a 12-foot, dried floral tree you must come and see!

There is so much detail that each time you look at it you will see something new you hadn’t noticed before. Can you spot the pink hydrangeas versus the blue hydrangeas, the blooming Dogwood Branches or Crape Myrtle? There is even Millet hidden in there!

Here are some plants to look for when you come and see the Dried Flower Tree at Al’s of Sherwood: 

Dried flower christmas tree

Phantom Hydrangea

Panicle Hydrangea

Lacecap Hydrangea ‘Lybella’

Mophead Hydrangea ‘Oregon Pride’

White Feather Pampas Grass

Chinese Dogwood

Crape Myrtle

Wire Netting Bush (my favorite!)

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’

Pink, purple, and white Dahlias (look for them in the Spring!)

Strawflower (look for them in the Summer!)

Amaranth (Easiest to grow with seed in the spring!)

Lunaria (found this through a local florist after some searching!)

You could do this at home by collecting things in your yard and adding ornaments! Touches of gold or silver or traditional red and green to really make your tree pop this year.

Hopefully this has changed your perspective, like it did mine, on what you can use from your yard to make your tree uniquely different this year!

Be on the lookout for dried flower workshops hosted by Al’s Garden & Home after the holiday season!


  • Mary Jo Smith

    Stunning Show piece! Need one of these at each Al’s location. Circle of life…..

  • Molly Malecki

    I was BLOWN AWAY when I walked into the Sherwood store and saw this display! A must-see for lots of ideas and inspiration. So many different, beautiful blooms and grasses are included and in novel ways. The “tree” is enormous! Thank you for this article, for highlighting the designer and for the plant list. So beautiful, Team Al’s! Well done!!

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