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Al's Garden & Home in Sherwood, Oregon is a 10.5acre, state-of-the-art garden center, which was opened in 2005. A state-of-the art retractable roof–approximately the size of a football field–covers the garden center, allowing customers and plants to enjoy weather on glorious days in Oregon and to stay dry on the rainy ones.
Our Sherwood nursery is stocked with beautiful plants, gardening equipment, and various plant supplies to help you create your ideal garden! From outdoor containers and statuaries to wrought iron arbors and trellises, we have everything you need to optimize your landscape just the way you want it.
Al’s Garden & Home in Sherwood also offers many décor and gift options, perfect for any occasion. You can choose from our selection of candles or lamps for your illumination needs, or opt for accent furnishings that can be used to give your home some flair. Whether you want something simple or extravagant, we’re confident we have a product that will meet the style you’re searching for.
When creating an outdoor living space for your home, filling the place with gorgeous plants, colorful pots, and hanging planters is not enough. You can create a warm and inviting environment by adding other additions, like comfortable seating and entertainment. If you need patio furniture, grills, and other outdoor accessories, visit Al’s Garden & Home in Sherwood, Oregon to complete your ideal yard.

Throughout the year, Al's Garden & Home of Sherwood hosts fun Kids' Club events along with free seminars that are open for all ages. The Kids’ Club events are a great way to introduce plants to kids through creative, plant-related activities. So, if you are a beginner in gardening or want your kids to have a fun, new experience where they can also learn, visit our plant shop in Sherwood.

Al's Garden & Home in Sherwood’s nursery is approximately 20 minutes southwest of Portland. So, if you are in or around the area or live a bit farther, but are curious about what we offer in our plant nursery, visit our plant shop today! Our reliable and friendly staff will surely help you with all your home and gardening needs.
The 10.5-acre garden center in Sherwood | Plant Shop