Get Your Spring Color Game On!

Get Your Spring Color Game On!

March is upon us and that means a few different things. March Madness is in full swing, time to fertilize and take care of your lawn, and Spring color is finally here! Now is the time to get your Spring color game on and brighten up your outdoor space.  

Annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs are blooming, and the brilliant colors are too beautiful to ignore. Here are some options we are rooting for this Spring. If your team needs some support and love- show them by planting some color into your yard or patio! 

For tip-off, we need to represent Al’s (Purple) with our cool tones:  

Rhododendron Osteospermum Senetti Senetti  Viola

Plants tend to always have some green which makes other colors show off their Spring color game, so they deserve a shout out for their "assist” in the garden. Sometimes they deserve the spotlight to show off and score some “yard envy” points!  

Heuchera Euphorbia Euphorbia Euphorbia Euphorbia

Every team needs some gold or yellow accents in their lives to show their fighting spirit! These shades also remind us of the sunnier days yet to come.

Corydalis Gerbera Daisy Osteospermum Euonymus Forsythia

Here comes some of the warm tones in this Spring Color Game. Go Orange Go! Show off your glow with pops of orange or red. Warm colors coax you to be outside to enjoy the view and they even put on a show in your outdoor space with how much they pop. They remind us of the warmth of summer and the drama of your garden game!  

Geranium Flowering Quince Flowering Quince Pansy Oakleaf Primrose

Teams may only show off their pink for breast cancer awareness month in October but right now the pink in the garden center is bringing their “A” game. From Gerbera Daisies to hints of pink in certain varieties of Pieris. Pinks really pop! 

Geranium New Guinea Impatient Tulip Dianthus English Daisy
Magnolia Dianthus Dianthus Rhododendron Gerbera Daisy

Peony Pieris Pieris Pieris Pieris

Surprisingly out of all these colors, you really cannot go wrong. Nature is amazing, with how its colors naturally match and blend together. As Jack Bigej (Al’s second-generation owner) says, “God doesn’t make colors that don’t match.”

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  • Linda Horton

    I love your store. I am currently am living in Eugene. Stopped by on
    3-14-22. Brought home 2 fig trees and 12 stunning pansies. I want a Meyer Lemon tree, peach tree and a dogwood tree. Guess I need an excuse to visit Salem so I can make a quick detour to Woodburn!

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