Grown by Al's Poinsettia Collection

Grown by Al's Poinsettia Collection

Our Poinsettia Collection is here! We grow about 30,000 poinsettias with about 30 varieties in a range of 5 sizes. Take a look at all the fun options we have!


If you see a Poinsettia you like come in as soon as you can to grab it, otherwise it might be gone. We only grow a certain amount of each variety and we cannot control if it is popular or not.

Also, these are not all the varieties we have in stores, there may be more that are not pictured because when we took the pictures not all the Poinsettias we grew were in color!

Grown by Al’s Poinsettia Fun Fact:

30% of our Poinsettia crop is red, it used to be about 50% a number of years ago. Over the years customers have shown us that the unique and different varieties are crowd favorites.

The bracts of a poinsettia are the leaves that change color. The color changes depending on the light exposure. Normally, color changing is triggered by the Fall Solstice when the days are shorter than 12 hours. To get the poinsettias to color early, we cover the main greenhouse in black cloth September 1 to October 1.

Throughout the years we love to test out new varieties and colors. This can be seen in fun new colors, shapes of leaves and combinations!

Care Tips:

They like bright natural light.

Water when the soil is dry to the touch.

Remove plants from the pot cover and let the excess water run through before putting it back into the cover.

Avoid placing them next to fireplaces or entry ways because the temperature may be too extreme.

Once the season is over, they are safe to compost or you can keep them as long as you would like they can make wonderful houseplants!

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