Houseplant Fall Checklist: How to Prepare your Plants for the Weather Change

Houseplant Fall Checklist: How to Prepare your Plants for the Weather Change

As the weather changes, our house plants might need a change too. Whether it is fertilizing, repotting, moving, watering, cleaning, checking for bugs, or just giving them some extra love. Here are some tips we find helpful!

With summer time being so busy I found that my house plants and their care got brushed under the rug so to say. Throughout the summer it is easy to focus more on your outdoor plants or other plans you may have. Fall rolling in provided me with a great opportunity to refresh and give my houseplants a little extra love. Not only did it make them feel good but it also was very satisfying to get so much taken care of!

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when caring for your houseplants!

1. Light

Most of my house plants live in my bedroom because I like extra oxygen while I sleep and it gives me something pretty to look at when I wake up and before I fall asleep. But, as the days get shorter there is less and less light in my East facing window. South or West facing windows are your best option or if you don’t have a South or West facing window try grow lights! I moved all of my plants into a south facing room, my bedroom is looking bear but my plants will be a lot better for it in the end.

2. Water and Watch out for Drafts

Water less in the fall and winter. As the days get shorter and colder your plants will not need as much water. Go longer in between watering and make sure the soil is on the dry side. Watch where you are placing your plants. You don’t want them sitting next to drafty windows or a heat vent or fireplace. The temperatures could be too extreme for them.

3. Fertilize Less

Your plants are becoming more dormant this time of year so they are not growing as much as they normally would. Ween them down from your normal dosage of fertilizer to match the growth and water in take of your plant.

4. Repot if Needed

Fall is not the best time to repot, but if the plant is showing signs of needing more room you might need to. If your soil is popping up out of the pot that may be a sign that the roots are growing and pushing up for more room. Or they might have roots pushing out the bottom through the holes this is another sign they may need a bigger pot!

One of my plants I received as an awesome gift and love was not doing well (see right) at all so I decided to take a look at the roots and I found that they were being restricted. In this situation my plant needed to be repotted so that it could continue to grow stronger through the winter.

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5. Check for Bugs and Clean

As you are cleaning the leaves, check for bugs. I took a wet cloth and wiped down the leaves of my rubber plant. This would be good to do just as much as you dust your home. On my plant I could see the dust sitting on the leaves so I gave them a good rub and then also I took it outside and hosed it down. Hosing your plants down in the shower or outside can help dislodge bugs and help clean the dust off.

I found spider mites on the backs of my rubber plant leaves as I was wiping them down. So after I hosed it down I sprayed Neem Oil all over to help get them under control.

6. Find New Houseplants to Love

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