fall mums

Mum’s the Word for Fall Planting

Chrysanthemums, or Mums, provide bright, vivid color in your garden and containers. Mums are virtually synonymous with harvest time and reigns as “queen of fall flowers”. The single flowered Chrysanthemum was chosen as the official seal and crest of the Emperor of Japan. The Chrysanthemum is considered one of the four noble Chinese plants, along with bamboo, plums, and orchids. The flower is long revered in the East as a symbol of good luck.  

Since their arrival in the West, the mum has been bred and developed into an amazing array of colors, habits, and shapes. This “royal” bloom comes in 16 different types with eight flower forms. The diversity of mums will not leave you at a loss for words but may when you see the color and interest, they bring into your fall landscape and containers.  

Flower Form 

Mum Type 


“Anderton”, “Daybreak” 


“Chiffon”, “Ruby Round” 


“Coral Charm”, “Indian Summer” 


“Moonbeam”, “Yoko Ono” 


“Bolero”, “Clara Curtis” 


“Chesapeake”, “Symphony” 


“Happy Face”, “Starlet” 


“Anastasia White”, “Patricia Grace” 


Mum Care 

These Pacific Northwest annual can grow up to 3-4 feet tall and require a well-drained sunny location. Mums need at least six hours of sunlight each day. Provide adequate amounts of water, moist soil, not wet. Mums emerge in the spring and bloom in the fall. Fertilize in the spring twice a week and suspend fertilization in bloom as they have received al the nutrition they need for the season. Pinch them frequently as they grow encouraging full, well-branched plants.  

We do not carry all mum varieties but our Grown By Al's are gorgeous! So, next time you come into Al’s Garden & Home looking for a beautiful central character for your late flower beds, borders, or patio containers, mum is the word!

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