Old World Style Christmas

Old World Style Christmas

Have you seen this year’s Old World Christmas ornaments this year? Al’s Garden & Home has stocked up on many traditional and non-traditional ornament themes this year. We’ve covered our walls, “holidayscapes”, and trees so you can envision your holiday décor options. Whether you are a collector or a lover of Christmas décor, you will adore our selection of Old World ornaments. These unique ornaments are timeless and can be used year-round because of their offbeat, traditional, and modern collectible themes.

History of ornaments

Hans Greiner, a direct descendant from Lauscha, Germany, created hand-blown glass ornaments out of necessity. In the 16th century, Germans would decorate their trees with real fruit, nuts, and tinsel. Unfortunately, not everyone could afford use these due to the limited life of perishable items. Greiner began manufacturing glass ornaments representing the fruits and nuts for longevity and practicality. His “baubles” became so popular, the glass tree ornaments spread worldwide into the tradition we practice today.

Old World Ornaments

Not just for trees

These colorful and amusing ornaments are not just for trees anymore. Consider using Old World ornaments to decorate seasonal wreaths and garlands. Use hot glue to transform your greenery into a unique holiday treasure. Cleverly decorate gifts with a personalized themed ornament that your loved one will treasure. Better yet, give them as a gift! Display your collection on a display stand or design a vignette on your shelf or mantle and show them off!

For the traditionalist, the Nordic Old World theme is one to behold. Design your tree and wreaths with northern European flair. It’s a classic, timeless theme that evokes the Christmas spirit. There are sport-themed ornaments, humorous, modern, and classy themes all designed for collectors and the like. Not a collector? Once you experience the beauty and variety of Old World ornaments, it will inspire your holiday spirit.

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